Earth Ponds (The Country Pond Maker’s Guide)
by Tim Matson, 1982
Countryman Press, Woodstock, Vermont
4th Printing, ISBN 0-914378-86-4

This comprehensive guide includes setting, digging-in, sculpting, maintaining, and living with a country pond. The significance of water in ancient cultures, the lessons of the natural beaver pond, working with contractors. calculating capacities and aquaculture for beginners are among the useful topics covered. A typical acquadome installation and a catalog of resources for the pond maker are also featured.

Earth Pond Sourcebook, The Pond Owners Manual and Resource Guide
By Tim Matson
The author of the classic, best-selling book on ponds, *Earth Ponds*, presents new tips, techniques, and hundreds of resources to this guide. A huge growth of interest in ponds and aquaculture in recent years has spawned a wealth of new materials and suppliers, and new building and maintenance techniques. Tim Matson’s *Earth Ponds Sourcebook* will tell you what you need to know, whether you’re building a new pond or revitalizing an old one.