Rudra Got Hurt


Hare Krishna!

We have good and bad news to report.

In defending the garden compound, Rudra, the dog, had his leg ripped deeply by a coyote. In and out of the veterinary hospital, he had 25 stitches and it hasn’t healed yet. Right now, after a few weeks, he is in the hospital where his wound can be kept clean and dry. Mostly an outside dog, Rudra is not happy in the hospital. The prognosis is good for complete healing, it will just take time. We had heard a lot of barking and coyote yelling on and off late at night for a few weeks previous to this incident. Since this incident, we have heard nothing from the coyotes.

We were able to fix half the fence line and build a temporary fence line in time to let the cows out! Thank you for your help! As usual, the cows were happy to be on spring pasture. Spring also brings planting new life in the cow dung nourished soil of the ISCOWP farm. Take a view of the Planting Berry Bushes 101 video for some simple instructions in planting.

Please view the following short articles about the good and bad news. Your help is greatly appreciated and thank you!

Your servant,
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Rudra Got Hurt

Rudra the dog
Defending the garden compound, Rudra was attacked by coyotes. He had to have 25 stitches to hold his leg together.

Fence Line Half Done

We were able to build new fencing for half the fence line before letting the cows out to spring pasture. This consists of half a mile of hand built fence line.

Splitting logs for fence posts.
Splitting logs for fence posts.
Setting the posts.
Setting the posts.
Wiring the fence line.
Wiring the fence line.

We ran out of time and money to complete the fencing so we built a temporary fence line that should be strong enough for this season. However, we will be faced with the same problem next season. The best time to build the fence line is now. Digging holes and pounding fence posts by hand in the summer is grueling and in winter is impossible due to the ground being frozen.

Temporary fence line around a marshy spring area and onward for half a mile.
Temporary fence line around a marshy spring area and onward for half a mile.

Now we need $3,125 to complete the project.
To read more details about the project click HERE.

How you can donate and our gifts to you

Cows On Spring Pasture

Cows on Spring Pasture
It is always a pleasure see the cows once again be able to eat fresh green grass and sit under the trees with their bellies on cool spring grass. After a long winter, nothing is more satisfying

To view ISCOWP Facebook photo album of the cows on spring pasture for the first time Click HERE.

Letting The Cows Out April 18 2013. The artik and treats showed in this video are offered to the cows in honor of any ISCOWP donor who gives $1000 or more to the cows.

Planting Berry Bushes 101

A little elementary instruction for a 4 year old and anyone who does not know much about planting is in this video.
Springtime brings planting in the cow dung fertilized earth of ISCOWP farm. This year, besides vegetables, we are planting perennials of rose bushes, lilac bushes, berry bushes, lavender and even an almond tree. These plants are for the use of the ISCOWP staff but also to make products for you our members and for sale to support ISCOWP’s cow protection activities.



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