Sad, Joyful and Progressive News


Kurma Rupa prabhu, a dear friend, passed from this material world a few days ago. Only about a week ago he was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer. He was the best of the best cowherds and well known for his organization Care for Cows based in Vrindavan, India. His life was dedicated to cow protection. You may remember his words quoted in our newsletter Krsna-Dairians which was published last year.

Balabhadra flew to India to be with him in his last days but only arrived after Kurma Rupa prabhu passed away. Balabhadra was able to attend Kurma Rupa prabhu’s funeral rites.

Balabhadra (in blue shirt) with Dina Bandhu and Abhirama prabhus attending Kurma Rupa prabhu’s funeral rites in Vrindavan, India. Photo is from Adi Kesava prabhu’s Facebook page.

A great soul and a great leader in the service of the cows has left us and the world is a lesser place without him. He was a continual source of inspiration due to his dedication to rescuing and caring for injured and ill cows in the streets of India. Now he has the opportunity to be with the cows in Goloka Vrindavan (the spiritual world). May we all pray for his safe passage to the spiritual world where Lord Krsna continually plays with the cows.

Here are some pictures of Kurma Rupa Prabhu’s funeral rites.

Here is one nice remembrance of Kurma Rupa Prabhu.

When we asked Kurma Rupa prabhu for a picture of himself to place with his articles in the ISCOWP Krsna-Dairian  newsletter he sent us this wonderful photo.

Kurma Rupa Prabhu

Joyful Cow Pastimes at ISCOWP

Every season we send video updates to all the adopters of their adopted cows. Here are a few clips from those videos that were sweet and entertaining.

A good friend always gives a good massage.

Sri Uddaran Datta Thakur stood up after resting on pasture and peed.   It took a long time for him to be done.  Just like humans who rise from a good night’s sleep and use the bathroom right away. In the Vedic culture cow urine is considered sacred and in both western and Vedic cultures it is believed cow urine fertilizes the earth. 

A six year old wants to know what clover tastes like. Through research he finds his answer.

ISCOWP Florida Farm Development

Lakshmi and Balaji have moved to Florida and are overseeing the farm development.

Installing fence at ISCOWP Florida.
There will be two barns. This one will have a workshop, canning and drying facility and equipment storage.
The temporary staff housing, which will become future guest housing, is being moved into place. This is the back side of the mobile home.




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