See How the Rescued Calves are Doing


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Give a donation now and it gets doubled dollar for dollar through December 31! Govardhan Puja is fast approaching as it is celebrated on October 24. Not only do you get your dollars doubled, you also get the pious credits of giving in honor of this holy day if you give a donation at this time.For those not familiar with this celebration, it commemorates Lord Krsna lifting Govardhan Hill to protect the cows and residents of Vrindavan.The same anonymous donor who gave a $20,000 matching gift challenge last year is making the challenge again this year. He was very happy we met his challenge last year.What will ISCOWP use your dollars for? Rescuing and protecting cows, educating people about the value of cow protection and how diet change can save cows along with distributing knowledge on the “how to” of establishing cow protection sanctuaries are ISCOWP’s goals.

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Chayadevi (Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

See How the Rescued Calves Are Doing

When someone gives a $1000 to the cows we perform arthik and feed the cows in their honor. This video includes all the rescued calves being fed their bottles and grain a month and a half after they were rescued.

Give a donation now and it gets doubled dollar for dollar through December 31!

Latest ISCOWP Educational Outreach Efforts

We were invited to attend the Religions for the Earth conference in NYC. Krishna-Kishore (Chris Fici) was our ambassador and was an excellent guide during the conference and helping us attend the various speaking engagements we had in the area. This conference concluded with participation in the Climate March attended by 400,000 people. We held our ISCOWP banner and participated with awe. The conference was attended by some very potent religious leaders who we had the privilege of associating with. Balabhadra gave the latest ISCOWP Newsletter (The Earth Needs the Bull and Cow) to many including Vandana Shiva and Al Gore and was able to speak about the importance of cow protection. The following is a few pictures and video of our activities in NYC.


Balabhadra speaks on how protecting cows protects Dharma (religious principles). An excerpt from the Bhakti Center NYC. This clip is courtesy of Ekayani Chamberlin. You can find her on Facebook. You can hear her music. This video clip can also be seen on Ekayani’s vimeo page.

Starting from the left: Chayadevi, Dr. Jea Sophia Oh, Union Theological Seminary student Krishna Kishore, and Balabhadra holding the ISCOWP banner at the Climate March in NYC. The Banner read “International Society for Cow Protection” at the bottom. Dr.Oh’s book, “A Postcolonial Theology of Life: Planetarity East and West,” is the first approach to bridge postcolonialism and ecological theology with the use of Asian spirituality as the philosophical underpinning for the argument that all forms of life are sacred and divine. She is working on a book project currently entitled “You Are What You Eat: An Ethics of Food Hybridity.”
Religions of the Earth Conference In NYC
Some of the attendees to the Religions for the Earth conference getting ready to march at the Climate March. We are in the right corner with our banner.
Home program in NYC
Home program at Murari and Joan Delisio’s located in Jackson Heights, Queens, Long Island, NY.
Bhakti Center presentation
At the Bhakti Center in Brooklyn we showed a power Point/slideshow/video presentation. We gave the same presentation the night before at the first ISKCON center in the USA, 26 2nd Ave.

Give a donation now and it gets doubled dollar for dollar through December 31!

The Latest ISCOWP News “The Earth Needs the Bull and Cow”



Some Articles Included:
Be a Vegetarian/Krsna Dairian & Stop World Hunger
Part 1: Cow Protection and Vegetarianism
Part 2: Diet Change Can Save the World

Our Father the Bull
Part 1: How Green is Your Tractor?
Part 2: Oxen Can Save the Planet.

How the Cow and Bull Benefit our Society
Part 1: Cow Dung and Urine, a Bio Resource
Part 2: Cow Manure is an environmental Hazard, Or is it?

Violence to the Cow and Bull Creates Violence to Humankind
Part 1: Why September 11? Animal Slaughter= War.
Part 2: The Cause of Animal Slaughter is a Godless Society

Give a donation now and it gets doubled dollar for dollar through December 31!



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