Sharing the Knowledge


Bovine Training Hints includes hints for training cows to voice commands as well as bulls and oxen. Cows (like Lila and Devi in this video) can be trained to simple voice commands that help to increase the ease of handling them in all situations. Oxen can be trained to complete farm chores, and bulls (like Bala in this video) can be trained depending on their temperament.

Bovine Training Hints originated from ISCOWP’s consultation with Suddhajiva das (Jim Latorre) at his 350 acres startup project centered around cow protection located in the Appalachian hills of North Carolina. A beginning herd of beautiful Gir cows roams the pastures. One of the goals of the project is to be a destination point for tourists and seekers. Therefore the herd should be easy to handle and accustomed to positive human association. ISCOWP’s consultation visit was pointed towards these goals.

Why Not More Cow Protection Projects?

Protecting cows for their entire lives is not easy. First of all, there is no long history of cow protection outside of India. For the practical “How To” of cow protection there are few resources. Besides caring for the ISCOWP herd of 24 cows, ISCOWP conducts seminars, workshops, consultations and distributes literature about cow protection; its practical and spiritual aspects. The video above is an example of a consultation that occurred in August. Often projects want ISCOWP to come and give advice they can use to solve problems and move forward but funds are not available to make that possible. Your support towards helping ISCOWP spread cow protection knowledge is essential to establish  cow protection projects. Right now is a great time to send support as we are still within the first Matching Gift Challenge and your gift will be doubled dollar for dollar! Also, the auspicious month of Karthik is approaching (October 13) and both one-time gifts and monthly pledges will bring increased spiritual benefits than at any other time of year.   Don’t worry, our ISCOWP website is now up after crashing right after the last newsletter went out. Thank you for spreading cow protection!

A ring was built to decrease the distractions while training.
Bali, the chief cowherd, with Bala the bull. 
Suddhajiva das (Jim Latorre) and ISCOWP’s Balabhadra das (William E. Dove) discussing the implementation of cow protection on part of the 350 acres.


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