Spring is Here


The spring weather during this year has not been atypical. The weather began to warm up, and the grass in the fields turned from brown to green. Then the frost came, and in one day the pastures turned brown although under the trees the grass remained green. The fields started to grow again and become green; then we had another frost. There was frost two more times after that. About two weeks ago the weather started to change with rain and warmer temperatures. It is still not as warm as it usually is but the grass is beginning to grow which increases the cows’ happiness.

The grass revives first under the trees.
When the egrets come, it is a sign that spring is here.
Front pasture spring grazing.

Boy & Ox-Friends for Life

Balaji and Devakinandana have been friends since 2014 when Balaji was five years old, and Devaki was a few days old.  Devaki was one of eight calves saved at the auction barn from slaughter. He and the other calves had to be fed with milk bottles for six months since they did not have enough time with their mothers and consequently did not receive enough nutrients. Now four years later Balaji and Devaki are still buddies. Balaji is lucky that Devaki has developed into a friendly, careful ox.  With Balaji and the rest of the ISCOWP staff, he never butts or swings his horn or pushes. Devaki is living the good life far from the slaughterhouse.

Cow Protection Allies

Establishing cow protection is essential to bringing about a more peaceful and spiritual world. Considering the chaotic and materialistic state of the world today, any attempt to bring about a more compassionate and friendly world is a battle or declaration of war. In any fight, some allies join for various reasons of their own. This video is a short discussion about that phenomena.



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