Thank God, Jeannie is Coming Home!


Hare Krishna!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are very thankful because we heard today that Jeannie will be coming home.

We have been waiting since July for the day a dairy cow named Jeannie will be rejected by her owner because her milk production is too low for him to make a profit. Arrangements have been made to bring her here to the ISCOWP farm so she won’t have to go to slaughter. She just tested 36 pounds a day milk production which is too low for her owner to keep her and make a profit. We need your help to bring her home. Please donate HERE and remember your donation will be doubled dollar for dollar due to a Matching Gift Challenge by one of ISCOWP’s donors which is good through December 31, 2013. Every dollar counts! Please give whatever you can. Jeannie won’t be kept by the dairy very long now that she can not produce enough milk.

To read more about Jeannie and her journey here, read the article below.

Your servant,
ISCOWP Co_Managing Director

Thank God, Jeannie is Coming Home!

Jul 31, 2013
From Judy

Your message about the cows needing shelter reminded me that I hadn’t written to thank you for sending the latest video clip of Madhavi (Judy helped save Madhavi who now lives at our farm) She looks great!! I’m sure she’s enjoying the lush pasture we’ve had from all the rain this year. 🙂

I almost hate to ask, but is there a possibility you might be able to take in another? Another one of my favorites is in jeopardy … she’s a cow I call Jeannie, just a baby, has only had one calf. Halfway through her first lactation, she miscarried a set of twins. We are not sure what happened … she had always been in good health, and she didn’t get sick from the miscarriage. It’s possible the fetuses were just deformed in some way, so her body naturally expelled them. She went right on milking, without any further problems, but we haven’t had any luck getting her bred since. She was just in heat again tonight, and my boss made the decision not to try again, as she’s already been in milk for more than 300 days. So she will be shipped when her milk falls below 40 lbs. unless I can find a home for her.

Judy took a picture of Jeannie when she was coming out of the milking parlor.
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She’s a really sweet cow …she has a bit more personality than Madhavi; she’s very gregarious and will just about lick you to death. She’s a pretty girl, on the small side for a Holstein, black face with a white patch on her forehead. She’s not lame and has never had mastitis or any other problems. I just hate to see her go for slaughter, but it would be so hard for me to take another cow … my facilities aren’t very good, and everything here is just mud, mud, mud after all the rains!

Aug 3, 2013
I looked up her records tonight and here’s what I found: She was born 2/13/2010 (not even 4 years old). Her mother was a pretty little cow I called Layla, and her sire was an AI bull named Toystory. She calved on 7/12/12 with a bull calf sired by our young bull. As of 7/19 (when the herd tester was here) she had been in milk 375 days and had made 20,380 lbs. of milk.

Oct 30, 2013
Jeannie was renamed Vegan.

We wanted to thank Kim Wilson, Adam Staier, Kathleen Lortie, Kirtana rasa
(Kurt Mausert) and his family members–Kathleen Beaton and Dot & Earl Beaton for helping with the rescue of Vegan.

Any donor of $1000 receives an arthik, treats, and prayers offered to the cows in their honor as this example of such a ceremony performed on Govardhan Puja, 2013.
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