Today is Special


Today is Akshaya Tritiya which those of the Hindu faith regard as one of the most auspicious days for new beginnings.  The word ‘Akshaya’ in Sanskrit means inexhaustible, that which is unlimited or everlasting. Therefore, this day celebrates eternal happiness, peace, and prosperity. If you want to have inexhaustible prosperity and devotion, perform an act of charity today. Anything a person undertakes on this day is bound to succeed. Subsequently, you can donate to the cause of cow protection. You can Adopt A Cow! Also, you can contact us to volunteer your skills or labor to help the cows by replying to this email or writing a letter to [email protected]

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Our membership has expanded in the last few years, and some of our staff are experiencing the bodily aging process. Therefore, we need additional help in various aspects of ISCOWP’s increased development.  For example, help in office work, social media, farm maintenance, cow care, garden development, hosting guests, and more is needed. We started the Tiny House Project to accommodate volunteers who wished to help ISCOWP. One of the tiny houses is now available for occupancy. It has a bathroom, kitchen, laundry facilities, and HVAC. The other tiny house will soon be available and have the same facilities.

View the environment of the tiny houses with temporary and permanent volunteer opportunities by clicking this link or the photo.

We have volunteer positions open for those who would like to stay for a few days or weeks, or just come for a day. We are also looking for someone to move in permanently to help with everyday life at the ISCOWP Sanctuary. ISCOWP has been steadily protecting cows for 32 years and, for most of those years, produced most of its food from its gardens fertilized with cow manure. Therefore there is much knowledge that the ISCOWP staff can share with others.

We wish to develop our tiny house area into a lovely landscaped environment. At this point, we could use help materializing the concept into reality. With additional help, we can realize other expansion and maintenance plans. If you find any of these opportunities attractive, please reply to this email or contact us at [email protected] for details. Also, a little information about yourself would be great. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Madhava’s Home!

Madhava came home from the hospital on April 23!

View the short, “Madhava the OX Comes HOME From the Hospital” by clicking the photo or this link.

He was in the hospital for an abscessed foot. Because Madhava’s foot did not entirely heal, he has to stay in the hospital pasture separate from the big herd so he doesn’t overuse his foot. He is walking very well at the moment. However, the vet will have to examine his foot before he is allowed to mingle with the big herd.  Please view this short and read Madhava’s foot medical history in the description. Thank you, Madhava adopters, for helping us care for him. You can Adopt A Cow like Madhava on this special day and help us take care of a cow for a year or life!

First Guests in Tiny House

Jimmy and Taruni Devine were the first ISCOWP members to stay in one of the tiny houses.  They have been members of ISCOWP since 2003. Jimmy funded the rescue of Sri Uddharan Datta Thakur and gave him his name. Unfortunately, Sri passed away in December of 2021. After visiting, Taruni wrote us, “Dearest Balabhadra, Chaya, Laxmi, Balaji, and Bhima, Thank you so much for the wonderful visit and association. We appreciate all you do for the cows and oxen. We rested so nicely in the tiny house, and the prasadam (food first offered to the Lord) was wonderful. Mostly thank you for sharing yourselves with us. We love you. Haribol spirit souls. From Taruni and Jimmy.” Here is a short reel of them meeting one of the rescued calves, Subhadra.

 View reel of first residents of a tiny house, Jimmy and Taruni Devine meet rescued calf Subhadra by clicking this link or the photo. 


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