Update on Ganda Needs Your Help Campaign


Hare Krsna!

The “Ganda Needs Your Help” campaign is progressing well! Read all about it in this issue. This year’s first ISCOWP News issue is now online in PDF file. Take a peek at its content and cover in this issue.

Since Balabhadra is improving in health we now have the ISCOWP sign up at the end of the drive (Oxen Drive) and are accepting guests by appointment.The Down on the Farm article gives a quick glimpse into visiting guests and activities on the ISCOWP farm. We pray you are well. Thank you for all you do for cow protection!

(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Ganda Needs Your Help Update!

Thank you all for helping us to make improvements on the farm for Ganda and his friends. To this date ISCOWP members have sent in $10, 379 leaving approximately $7000 left to complete the Ganda campaign.

We have bought the tin for the hay barn roof as we were warned that the tin would go up in price. We are waiting on the contractor that did our geriatric barn roof last year. That contractor estimates mid-June he will be available to raise the hay barn roof. We now have the funds to pay for that. It is imperative that we raise the roof at that time as soon after that hay will be filling the barn for winter. Now there are only a few bales in the barn that might be harmed if the barn roof is not yet completed when it rains.

By the beginning of July the contractor for excavating the ramp area will be available. You, ISCOWP members, have sent in half the amount needed to complete the ramp. We need approximately another $4000 to make the ramp safe for the cows. Here is a short video clip of Vishaka and Dwadasi stepping down from the ramp. Please help us to be ready in July to fix the ramp for the cows.


Vishaka and Dwadasi use the ramp with difficulty. Ganda slipped and fell on this ramp. In this video it is dry but when it is wet the situation is worse. We need about $4000 more to fix the ramps. Read more details and donate HERE. Please give what you can as soon as you can. Our eternal thanks to you for supporting the cows! To donate to these projects and collect your premiums go to this link on the ISCOWP website.

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Down on the Farm

Tulsirani gives Sri the ox a massage
Tulasi Rani dd from Krishna House in Gainesville Florida brought some of her friends to visit the cows. Sri gave them the opportunity to give him a massage.
College kids planting tomatoes on ISCOWP farm.
Professor Rosenthal from Hanover University in Indiana came to visit with some of the members of his philosophy class. They gave us a hand planting tomatoes.
Toronto devotees visit ISCOWP
There was a good turnout from the Toronto ISKCON temple for the Festival of Inspiration. A dozen members of the Toronto temple stopped by to meet the cows.
Oxen obstacle course
Dhananjaya giving Kesava a lesson on a improvised obstacle course.
Pittsburgh devotees visit Madhava the ox.
Vrsni, Das and Yogini stopped by to visit Dhananjaya and Madhava.


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