Vegan Indira is Home


Hare Krishna!

Vegan Indira (formerly known as Jeannie) is now home at the ISCOWP farm! Thank you all who have helped to bring her home. You can read a few words and view a video of her coming home in the first article of this e-newsletter.

The ISCOWP News is now online. We are very happy to have found a new format which makes it half the price to mail it to you ( ISCOWP donors receive it when we have their physical address) and is compatible with mobile devices. You can read it here or take a peek view at this issue.

The $20,000 matching gift challenge by one of our ISCOWP members has reached $12,000 in hand (not counting pledges yet) The challenge was started November 13 and ends December 31. We are so grateful to all of you who have helped us to meet this challenge. With half the time left, it is possible to meet the $20,000 mark. Please give something before December 31 and remember your gift will be doubled!. You can also forward this message to others and tell your friends. With your help we will have the funding to increase cow protection! Please donate here.

Thank you so much and I pray you are all well.

Your servant,
ISCOWP Co_Managing Director

Vegan Indira is Home

December 7, 2013, a cold snowy day, Vegan Indira came home to ISCOWP. She was nervous and scared as she didn’t really understand where she was going. With the help of Judy and her friend Scott, Vegan Indira was picked up at her dairy by the ISCOWP staff with ISCOWP’s cow trailer.

Vegan Indira (formerly Jeannie) is now home at ISCOWP and will never be sold for meat

Understanding that it was going to be cold weather, we winterized the trailer by boarding up the open sides. The trip to her dairy was about an hour and a half. The weather was in the twenties.

Judy works at the dairy where Vegan Indira lived and knows her well. Judy and Scott were essential in helping to get her settled in. Scott found that Vegan Indira likes to have her nose rubbed which helps her relax. Her entry into the geriatric barn where Asha, Dwadasi and Gourangi are now staying went well. She was nervous and scared but eventually settled down. As time goes on she will become more relaxed when she realizes that she will be protected.

Great thanks to you all for helping to bring Vegan Indira home!

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Latest Edition of ISCOWP News Now Online

ISCOWP news volume 23 issue 1
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