Winter Cow Pastimes


On the auspicious day of Lord Nityananda’s appearance we offered arati to the cows. Instead of offering treats also, we let the rescued calves out of their barn for the first time. We also opened the gates for the rest of the herd to let them onto another pasture so they would be getting new grass to eat. Although it is winter there is still some nibbles to eat.

On the way to the new pasture the herd had the opportunity to meet the new rescued calves for the first time. The babies had been in the barn and the cows had been restricted to the pasture where they could not access the barn area.

All the cows were very happy and continue to be happy with new energetic friends, a change of scenery and new nibbles.

This Gir calf was rescued from a breeder just before she was about to be dehorned and branded. Even though her horns will grow towards the back of her head and not to the front, where they could be used as a weapon, dehorning would have been done. Dehorning is a painful and bloody process.

Branding is done with a hot iron and on the other cows with this breeder the brand was large.

We are thankful to ISCOWP members for helping us save her from this abuse. Her name is now Sri Vasanti and she is now living happily at the ISCOWP farm.

This video shows her arrival . She was afraid and guarded when she came and then eventually became joyful.

Guests Visiting the Cows

Krishna House members greeting babies.
Pandey Family greeting Madhava. 
Artist Annapurna and husband meet Keshava.
Who said cows don’t make good selfies.
Balaji shows classmate Liliana how to brush Dhruva Ladhu.

Matching Gift Challenge a Success

Thanks to you the Matching Gift Challenge was a success. Together we surpassed the $50,000 challenge by $3000. We are humbled by your support and pray that we will remain worthy of it.

We meant to tell you sooner but we had two computer crashes and two trusted cameras died.  Our equipment needed to be updated anyway. We are now just getting back on our feet. If you have not received a response from us in regards to any inquiry or a tax letter please drop us a note.

Artist  Annapurna and relatives watch the rescued calves get bottle fed. They were fed with bottles for 2 1/2 months.


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