You Can Name Two Calves

Baby Boy and Baby Girl bonded immediately.

A breeder, who knew we had room for more cows, sent us a text message that he had just found the mother of a newborn bull calf dead in the field. He figured he should start bottle feeding the calf, but he saw the calf eating some hay and grain. The short of it was the breeder wanted to sell the bull calf quickly.

Since the Baby Boy was very young, he was the right age to develop a relationship with a human. So we decided to hook up the trailer and go take a look at him. On the way to the breeders, we got another text message.

The second message was from a young man who services our trees and breeds cows on his large acreage. A female calf was born that day on his farm. The calf’s mother was an old cow (16 years old) and did not have enough milk to feed the baby she had before this one. So their owner took the Baby Girl from her mother because he knew she would not have enough milk for her. When the breeder was growing up, the mother cow was his pet. So he planned to put the mother in a pasture where the bull could not reach her. He also wanted to sell Baby Girl as soon as possible.

We drove for about 45 minutes, headed for Baby Boy when we received the second text message. Soon we arrived at the first breeder’s place. He was waiting for us with Baby Boy in a long trailer with two other cows. In a nearby corral were five more cows. All the cows were agitated and fearful. It is not unusual for most breeders to look at their cows as dollar signs and not handle them or develop relationships. Therefore the cows are fearful of humans.

You can view more photos of Baby Boy at his Adopt A Cow Page.

Since Baby Boy was a little more than a month old, the youngest of the cows there, we thought he could eventually become friendly with some effort on our part. So we took Baby Boy with the plan to bring him home and then head out again to look at Baby Girl. But, it was getting late, and saving time, we drove straight to Baby Girl. She was immediately friendly as she was only a few hours old and had no time to become fearful.

You can view more photos of Baby Girl on her Adopt A Cow page.

We drove away with both calves in the trailer. The two calves immediately bonded with Baby Boy becoming very protective of Baby Girl. It is now a week later, and Baby Girl has learned how to suck her milk bottle. At first, she had difficulty learning how to suck the bottle, but now she is regulated and enthusiastically sucks for her milk. At first, Baby Boy was extremely skittish, bumping into things running away from us. He is calmer now, but we can still not pet him. But we see progress and are convinced he will become friendly.

How You can Name and Help these Two Calves

They both need names and adopters! Adoptions and donations are needed to help us cover their expenses. We have several lifetime adoption options available. The first plan is at a one-time donation of $6325; the second plan is three yearly payments of $2108; the third is four yearly payments of $1581. There are two more payments plans, but IT IS THE FIRST THREE LIFETIME ADOPTION PLANS THAT A DONOR HAS THIS ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY TO NAME A CALF.

The first lifetime adoptor gets to name the calf of their choice. The second lifetime adopter names the other calf or gives the first calf a second name. It is common for cows to have two names, so there is room for four lifetime adopters to name these two calves. On our adoption page, we have a listing of all the available cows, the choices in adoption plans, and your benefits. Please note the name you choose can not be the same as any other cow in the herd. You can also adopt for one year to help care for one of the calves.

Use this link to adopt any cow.

To adopt Baby Girl, use this link.

To adopt Baby Boy, use this link.

Or you can use this link to make a donation of your choice to help these two calves.

Thank you so much and we will keep you posted about the lives of these two calves. You can check out our Instagram and Facebook page for updates also. Thank you!



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