Your Cow Gift Matched


Just recently we talked with one of our ISCOWP members and he told us he would like to start a Matching Gift Challenge for the Cows. To begin he would like to match $25,000 that the other ISCOWP members give. The challenge ends December 31, 2016.

Naturally we are very excited. We are thinking of all the projects that can get done with these funds. We can rescue more cows, feed the cows nice hay this winter, publish educational literature, conduct seminars and workshops and the list goes on.

Balabhadra (William Dove) & Chayadevi (Irene Dove) who are the founders of ISCOWP with Madhava
ISCOWP founders Balabhadra (William Dove) & Chayadevi (Irene Dove) with Madhava, one of the lifetime protected oxen at ISCOWP.

As you know this year has been spent building the infrastructure of our new Florida ISCOWP center. We have built a barn, equipment building, workshop building and ISCOWP center building for cowherd living quarters, deity worship as well as guest hosting. In 2015 we moved all our 24 lifetime protected cows, equipment and two households to Florida. Informally the doors to our new center opened in late August a little more than a year after we announced the move to Florida from West Virginia.  (You can learn more about ISCOWP activities at iscowp.org)

We are indebted and thankful to all the ISCOWP members and friends who helped us achieve this successful move. Together we did it!

Together we can achieve more in the year and years to come! An opportunity is here to do that. Any donation gets doubled: $10 becomes $20, $100 becomes $200, $1000 becomes $2000!

Please make a gift to the cows HERE.  May Lord Krsna bless you for your compassion towards the cows.

Gratefully thanking you,


Balabhadra and Chayadevi
(William and Irene Dove)
Founders of ISCOWP



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