2 days left to help the cows.


Together we have almost matched the $50,000 Matching Gift Challenge for the cows! There is only $3,010.25 left to collect to meet the challenge for the cows, and the challenge ends midnight tomorrow, the 31st.

We are encouraged, hopeful and humbled by your support. We are also grateful to have such good friends and supporters since 1990. Without your help, ISCOWP would not exist. Thank you again and again.

Cows deserve to be loved.

Please give what you can. Every donation helps. We need your help to care for 25 cows (33 cows have already lived out their natural lives at ISCOWP), rescue more cows, educate through seminars, workshops, literature and videos about how changing diet saves cows, the importance of protecting cows and the How To of both.

Please give here.  Or Adopt A Cow here. Thank you so much!

With Gratitude,
Irene & William Dove (Chayadevi & Balabhadra)



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