Special Day to Save Cows

ISCOWP is in the process of saving a mother cow, her baby, and another calf whose mother died from a snake bite. Due to the generosity of Sundeep Adhyaru, we have the funds to free Siya (the mother cow) and her baby (not named yet) and some of the funds to free the motherless calf, Lalita.
Today is Akshaya Tritiya, which those of the Hindu faith regard as one of the most auspicious days for new beginnings.  The word ‘Akshaya’ in Sanskrit means inexhaustible, that which is unlimited or everlasting. Therefore, this day celebrates eternal happiness, peace, and prosperity. If you want to have inexhaustible prosperity and devotion, perform an act of charity today. Anything a person undertakes on this day is bound to succeed. On this special day, please help us save these 3 cows.
In two days, it will be Mother’s Day. What better gift than to give your loved one an adoption of a mother cow (Siya), thus helping free her from the cycle of being bred again and again and having her babies taken from her each time? Actually, the adoption of any cow will make a great gift. You can also donate to the general expenses of saving her or the two babies and caring for them. All donors can send a tribute e-card to their loved ones for their Mother’s Day gift and make a comment as to how your gift should be used.

Siya (Mother Cow)

Usually, the owner does not want to give up a healthy, productive mother cow because he/she can continue to breed the cow and sell her babies until she can no longer produce babies. So, we have an opportunity to save a mother cow from the grief of having her current baby taken away by saving Siya and her baby. Siya’s first calf was taken away from her and sold. Siya does not yet have an adopter.

Siya and her baby girl calf.
To adopt Siya on our website: https://iscowp.org/cows/siya/
To donate to the general expenses of saving her: https://iscowp.org/donate/

Siya’s Baby Girl

By offering Siya’s baby a lifetime adoption, you can name her and help us protect her from repeated breeding and one baby after the other taken from her. We will have more photos and information about her once she comes home to ISCOWP.

Give Siya’s baby a lifetime adoption and name her.
To adopt Siya’s baby on our website: https://iscowp.org/cows/nameless-calf/
To donate to the general expenses of saving her: https://iscowp.org/donate/

Baby Girl Calf Lost Her Mother

Her owner wants to sell this calf as soon as possible. Motherless calves are labor-intensive to care for, as they need to be bottle-fed. She has received a lifetime adoption and was named Lalita, but her purchase price is not completed.

Lalita lost her mom to a snake bite. Better pics when she comes home to ISCOWP.
To adopt a motherless baby calf  on our website: https://iscowp.org/cows/lalita/
To donate to the general expenses of saving her: https://iscowp.org/donate/

How You Can Help

1) You can help with the expenses to save these cows, including improving ISCOWP’s infrastructure (more details in the last e-newsletter), by using the donate payment plans on our website and the comment section to let us know what you want your donation to be used for.
2) You can use the adoption payment plans on our website. One of the adoption plans is the lifetime adoption ($6,325), which greatly helps to cover the cost of caring for them for their entire life once they come home to ISCOWP. There are a few payment plan choices within the lifetime adoption option on our website.
3) Another way you can help is to have the company you work for match your donation. Your company will give you a receipt, which you can send to us. It usually takes a month or two for us to receive the funds, but we will be assured of the funds because we received your receipt. We have received matching donations from such companies as Microsoft, T. Rowe Price, Adobe Inc., Texas Instruments, Dominion Energy, McKinsey, TC Energy, United Health Group, Apple, One Main Financial, Google, and more. If you want to help through your company, please inform us as soon as possible (click reply to this e-newsletter). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

What You Receive

1) The first person to offer a lifetime adoption for Siya’s baby can name her. The second lifetime adopter can give her a second name. It is quite common for cows to have more than one name. Currently, within the ISCOWP herd, there are Dhruva Laddu, Kalyan Tamal, Drupadi Amba, Vegan Indira, and Baladev Dauji.
2) Every lifetime adopter receives an arati to our Lord Giriraj and the ISCOWP cows to invoke blessings for them once a year for 6 years, quarterly video updates of their adopted cow as long as their cow may live, an adoption photo, and a certificate. Adopters of other adoption plans receive the same except the arati. All adoptions provide the help necessary to protect a cow for life.
3) For every thousand dollars a donor gives to purchase any of the three cows, we will send you a video of an arati blessing for you. You will also receive quarterly video updates of your adopted cow for two years.
Every donation, of any amount, helps and is appreciated.  All of us at ISCOWP thank you for your generosity to the cows!


ISCOWP is in the process of saving a mother cow, her baby, and another calf whose mother died from a snake bite. Due to the genero...

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