New Fencing Done


Hare Krishna,

The last ISCOWP update came right before the new ISCOWP web site was launched. Therefore the links given in the last update are not accurate. You will find the new and correct links intact in this update.

Take a peek at the new ISCOWP web site. We are still working out the kinks, but so far so good. Changes will be happening as we go, like a flash show on the top of the home page.  Please give us your comments and/or suggestions and keep checking back as often as you can.

Also there has been some  damage in the old barn roof since the last update. We must replace it sooner than later. Please See the enclosed pictures and help however you can. Thank you in advance.

Lots of activities are going on here on the farm like: fencing, gardening and cow care.  But the best news is that the  cows are now on pasture. Oh, what joy for the cows!

(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Protect the Cows, Build the Barn Roof!

Do you think the roof might collapse? Now it is beginning to. We need your help to fix it before it does collapse so the cows will have a secure roof over their heads. You can read more about the roof and how you can help and our gifts to you at our website.

snow-weakened barn roof
We think the heavy snow of the winter weakened the old barn roof.
Barn Roof Rusting
The old barn roof is collapsing, the dark area is the rusted tin.

Latest ISCOWP News

You can now access in PDF file the latest issue ISCOWP News, Volume 20 Issue 1 HERE.

Even though there are lots of pictures, it is not as large a file as the past ones and should be easy to download or view online. Donating members will also receive a black and white hard copy sent to them. All the latest news will be in the newsletter which includes articles like, Home for Wayward Holsteins, 20 Years Later, ISCOWP Outreach (Balabhadra describes his travels), All About You ( be inspired by 11 year old Vaishnavi Karthik’s realizations) and reviews on new books about Mother Cow. Please check it out.

New Fencing Done

Team of devotees with a two-man auger
We rented a 2 man auger to drill pilot holes so the pounding would go easier. It is called a 2 man auger but will give 2 men a real workout. I put 4 men on it and they were able to drill the remaining 150 holes in about 8 hours.
This has been an extensive project, started in the fall of 2009, and it is almost done with just one more small section to be wired and 3 gates to be installed. Then the cows can freely and safely pasture on that side of the farm. A pictorial description of building this fence, from beginning to end, can be found on our Facebook page. Check out that Facebook album HERE.

Guests at the ISCOWP Farm

The Agarwal family
The Agarwal family visiting from England

HH Bhakti Raghava Maharaja is the ISKCON Varnasrama Minister for India. He came to the USA to encourage Varnasrama Development. Varnasrama is a Vedic form of community development where the cow has a very important role both materially and spiritually. Maharaja specifically wanted to visit the Brahman cows and see how they were doing in a colder climate than they are usually living. As you can see he met Sri, one of the Brahmans, and they both had a pleasant time. Also the temple president from New Vrndavana, Sikhi Mahiti das, got a chance to meet Sri also.

The Agarwal family came with their 3 children and several other guests and had a great time visiting the cows and in gerneral enjoying the country setting.

HH Bhakti Raghava Maharaja visits with Sri.
HH Bhakti Raghava Maharaja visits with Sri.

Cows Out on Pasture

Cows Now on Pasture
Cows Now on Pasture

We let the cows out on the pasture a few weeks ago as they broke out of the barnyard. We usually let them access the pastures a little later but they insisted! They are very happy to munch on the green grass. The leaves on the trees are quickly bursting forth as the days progress. We are still having some cold evenings, there was a frost last night, but soon the warm weather will be constant. Besides the tasty green grass, the herd all got some tasty treats. You can also donate a feeding of tasty treats to the cows.

Bhima eating treats
Bhima and the herd get a treat.

Balabhadra’s Birthday Wish

On facebook you can donate your birthday to a cause. Well guess what cause Balabhadra donated his birthday to? You guessed it! To view his birthday wish and send him a present click HERE. His birthday is on the 22nd of April. A belated gift is also highly appreciated too. Thank you for your help.



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