Changes Bring Opportunities


Baladev Dauji, Subhadra, and Lila recently joined the herd after we called the herd to the front pasture. Lila was the first to join. Then, Baladev Dauji and Subhadra (the babies) joined the herd after Balaji brought them to the front pasture while the herd was busy grazing. The merging of Lila and the babies with the big herd went smoothly and calmly.

Subhadra peeks from behind Baladev Dauji.
Subhadra peeks from behind Baladev Dauji. Click the photo to view the video of their move to the big herd and larger pasturing grounds.
Lila the rescued cow.
Click the photo to view the video of Lila rejoining the herd. 
Draupadi and Sri Vasanti are always together.
Draupadi and Sri Vasanti are members of the big herd who Subhadra and Baladev Dauji meet face to face for the first time. Please click the photo to view the video.

Since we moved the babies and Lila out of the hospital pasture, we now have room for more rescued cows. So we hope to welcome new cows in the spring. When we are ready, we will inform you. But first, we have a few projects to complete. One is to set up the cow chute.

We Purchased the Cow Chute

Thank you, everyone, for helping us purchase the cow chute! It arrives this week. Therefore a crew is currently preparing the site for its installation. Our vet, Dr. Jill, can now utilize the chute for some medical checkups on a few members of the herd. In addition, we can now call a Ferrier who can use it to trim some of the cows’ hooves. We will have a few videos about the checkups and hoof trims for you in the next newsletter and on social media.

Cows Destined for Slaughter

The National Humane Education Society states, “Approximately 41 million beef cattle are slaughtered annually in the United States.”

The ISCOWP herd at its maximum capacity is 25 cows. Thirty-six cows have passed away naturally under our care, which means 61 cows have been under our care. Compared to the 41 million cows slaughtered each year in the USA alone, 61 is an insignificant number. However, even if we could protect 1000 cows or more, there would still be uncountable numbers of cows born every day headed for slaughter. Consequently, one may ask why we dedicate our lives to protecting cows. One reason is when we show the natural lives of protected cows, the hearts and minds of people change, and they appreciate the cow’s intelligence and right not to be slaughtered.

How can you help? One way to lower the number of cows slaughtered is to change your diet and encourage others to change their diet. Less meat eating means less slaughtering of cows for meat; less milk consumption means fewer dairies that send their exhausted cows to slaughter and their unwanted males to the veal factory to face a miserable life and eventual slaughter.

Another way you can help lower the number of 41 million is to adopt a cow. You help us care for a cow when you adopt her. Also, you help us change people’s hearts and inspire them not to eat the cow by adopting any ISCOWP herd member. Thank you!

Dawn rises on cows with two very different fates.
Rescued Subhadra grazes while across the fence, the cows are destined for slaughter. Click the photo to view the video.


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