Cow Lovin

The rains began. Back pasture.
The rains brought more grass in the woods for Meenakshi and her friends.
Padmaganda and friends with more greens to eat under the trees.
Jahnava and the Brahmans resting with full stomachs in the front pasture.

Cow Lovin

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Kalindi was only 3 years old and had produced 23, 096 pounds of milk but she couldn’t get pregnant again and her milk production had fallen below 60 pounds a day when the dairy farmer who owned her was about to sell her for meat. ISCOWP members purchased her and saved her from becoming meat on someone’s dinner plate. This video is about her life and the life of two of her friends (also saved from slaughter) two years later.

Sri Vasanti was rescued January 2017 and this is her first update since. She is an affectionate girl. She does have her favorites like Balaji our grandson. When she first came to our farm she was placed in with two young bull calves Dhruva Ladhu and Tamal Kalyan who were rescued in December of 2016. They have all three developed a strong relationship with Sri Vasanti taking mostly a matronly role with them. A new member of the group, Draupadi Amba came in April 2017 and has greatly attached herself to Sri Vasanti. Draupadii Amba is quite shy and elusive and therefore quite dependent on Sri Vasanti. They both came from the same breeder.

Keshava is one of our biggest oxen weighing over 2000 pounds. Even though very large he has a soft heart and in this video he feels inclined to give Vegan Indira a long, loving lick. When Vegan Indira wants more licking, Keshava is not inclined and Vegan Indira coughs in his face. We will never know whether her cough was pure reflex or she was expressing her dissatisfaction. No worry for Keshava for Kalindi immediately comes and expresses her affection for him by giving him a long, affectionate lick.

Vegan Indira was rescued from the dairy in 2013 and is matronly by nature while Kalindi was rescued from the same dairy in 2015 and is vivacious and enthusiastic.

Ox Rescue

ISCOWP trailer and Balabhadra (William Dove) on left with Jai Govardhana in the middle. Jai Govardhana and his family will be protecting the ox for his lifetime.

It was brought to the attention of Samantha Moksha that one of her friends in Silver Springs, Florida was no longer able to keep his 10 months old ox. This meant that if a suitable home was not found then this ox was going to be sent to the slaughterhouse. Samantha did some social networking through the devotee community in Alachua, Florida and a devotee named Gajendra das donated the $300, which was the asking price, and a devotee by the name of Jai Govardhana and his family agreed to add this ox to their small group of lifetime protected cows. Now the problem arose as how to secure this 10 months old ox and deliver him to his new home. ISCOWP volunteered to pick him up with its truck and trailer and deliver him to his new home.



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