Cow Winter News


Indraneela like all the other cows in the ISCOWP herd spends a lot of time eating hay in the winter. Even though he lives in central Florida, there is not enough grass to eat in winter, and his diet has to be supplemented with hay. He also eats leaves off of bushes in the woods. This winter some of his adopters came to visit him, and he had a change of pace from his usual routine. Watch the suggested video at the end of this video and see how Indra was when he was first rescued from the auction barn.

The Quattrocki family adopted Indraneela who is very tall and not full grown yet in memory of their son and brother Nick Quattrocki.

Training Oxen

Training Oxen by Voice Commands Lesson 4 The Lash video is now available.

We have devoted one lesson to the lash as it is crucial that it is not used as a whip but used to touch the ox as an instructional aide.

ISCOWP’s primary concern is to present alternatives to agricultural and dietary practices that support and depend upon the meat and dairy industries’ slaughter of innocent animals, specifically the cow. To this end, ISCOWP presents the philosophy and implementation of compassionate cow protection. Diet change to a vegetarian/vegan diet and training oxen to enable their useful abilities are crucial to establishing cow protection.The tenets of cow protection are universal and nonsectarian, available to all regardless of race, creed, or nationality.

Counseling Developing Cow Program at Houston Texas

Balabhadra das (William E. Dove) was invited to give counsel to the ISKCON Houston temple’s developing cow protection program. During February Balabhadra traveled to Houston and was very impressed with their programs. Their Govinda’s restaurant is very successful and popular with the general public. Not only vegetarian but vegan options are available. Whatever milk options they do have available they want them to come from their lifetime protected cows. At present their cow protection program is limited, but they are planning on further development. Cows are special to ISKCON (Hare Krishna organization) and their protection essential to their philosophy.  This video is a class given by Balabhada at the ISKCON Houston Sunday feast program about cow protection.


Balabhadra das (William E. Dove) meets the protected cows at ISKCON Houston.

Kale and Cows

Ever wonder how you could protect cows? Try producing kale chips. That’s what Draupadi and Adrian (Arjuna) Quinn do on their farm in Canada. Visit their Solar Raw Food website and find out how kale chips can be made in a financially successful and sustainable way.

Draupadi and Arjuna Quinn visited from Canada where they operate a successful kale chip business which enables them to protect some cows on their farm.


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