Draupadi Amba


Name: Draupadi Amba
Age: 7 year old
Birthday: October 21, 2016
Breed: Registered Gir
Herd Status: Ninja


Sweet and shy. Draupadi was recently rescued and is now living on our farm. Her best friend is Sri Vasanti and then Talyan Kamal and Dhruva Ladhu. She is very expert at hiding or keeping a very low profile. Like a Ninja, she will be behind a tree or another cow. She was like this when we first met her at the breeder’s farm where she was born. She is very beautiful so it makes it difficult for her to be an expert Ninja.


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Adopted by Karthik and Kamatchi Venkataramani
Adopted by Hariharan Rajendran
Adopted by Selva Jayaraman
Adopted by Balaram Adusumilli
Adopted by Syama Sakhi dd

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