Jahnava Sanga


Name: Jahnava Sanga
Age: 17 year old
Birthday: May 29, 2007
Breed: Brown Swiss father, Ayrshire mother
Herd Status: Passed away 2/25/24


Even though she is now middle-aged,  Jahnava still is a spunky, tough girl with a lot of energy.  She is friendly to humans as well as cows but no one dares push her around or she will push right back. Jahnava shows much affection to Priya who is the king of the herd. For a few years now she can be found giving him long affectionate licks on a regular basis. Priya has no objection. Therefore it is safe to say they have a strong relationship.


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Adopted by Karthik and Kamatchi Venkataramani

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