Name: Madhava
Age: 15 year old
Birthday: October 1, 2007
Breed: Brown Swiss
Herd Status: Passed away 4/23/23


Inquisitive, Mister Charismatic. He is very self-contained, very friendly and sensitive to the mood of other herd members and humans. Although he is the largest ox in the herd, he has no false ego and is well-liked by the other members of the herd and humans. Madhava has a kind nature and can be seen licking other herd members especially when they may not be feeling well. He is extremely handsome and carries himself in a very aristocratic way. He has been trained to voice commands. Recently (late 2021), he got a foot abscess which took months to heal with a one month stay in the local Large Animal Hospital. He has recovered.


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Adopted by Sridama das Roy
Adopted by Balai dasi
Adopted by Stephen Sorra

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