Madhavi, a rescued Holstein



Name: Madhavi
Age: 17 year old
Birthday: October 1, 2005
Breed: Holstein
Herd Status: Passed away 8/6/22


Madhavi was the first cow to be rescued (December 17, 2011) by ISCOWP members from the same dairy as Vegan Indira and Kalindi Vijaya. Hear from Judy about Madhavi’s situation in the dairy:

“My favorite cow on the herd that I milk is due to be culled, probably sometime this month. She didn’t breed back, and the farmer has been “milking her down” until she reaches the point she’s no longer profitable, then it’s buh-bye! She has been milked for almost 2 years running now, so it’s getting close. She’s in her 3rd lactation now, about 6 years old, and has given 95,000 pounds of milk, something like 11,000 gallons! Truly a mind-boggling amount when you think about it. I think she de­serves a nice retirement. :) I think she’s just getting worn out from being milked for so long without a break! Her feet aren’t the greatest — she isn’t lame right now, and she’ll probably be even better when she’s not standing on concrete 24/7. She has a nice personality, likes peo­ple, isn’t flighty, holds her own in the herd but isn’t dominant or pushy or a bully to the other cows. One of the old girls who stands in the back of the holding pen and patiently waits her turn. Just a nice cow.”

While in the dairy her tail was cut off, but now she is happily living out the rest of her life protected on the ISCOWP cow sanctuary. She is delighted to roam the ISCOWP pastures instead of standing on cement 24/7 in the dairy.


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