Padma Ganda


Name: Padma Ganda
Age: 9 year old
Birthday: August 5, 2014
Breed: Jersey
Herd Status: Passed away on Lord Balaram's birthday 8/30/23


Padma is the smallest ox in size among the eight calves that were rescued from the auction barn in August 2014. Being a Jersey, he is naturally smaller in size. He is strong and often feisty, managing to hold his own in the herd despite his size. You can see him often at the head of the herd, running and mooing loudly when it is time to change pastures. He has become more lovable with age, developing relationships with the other cows and us humans. He was struck by lightening on August 29 and passed away August 30.


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Adopted by Devaprastha das and Padma Malini dasi
Adopted by Bhavin Thakker

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