Name: Priyavrata (nickname is Priya)
Age: 16 year old
Birthday: March 31, 2008
Breed: Brahman
Herd Status: Headman


Formerly WF41, he was born into a registered Brahman herd. He is majestic and very regal. Among the male herd members, he is junior but does not seem to realize it.  He is very friendly to guests and very much likes to be rubbed on his dulap (neck area) and sometimes on the top of his head. Highly intelligent, he is intuitive to the moods of others and can be seen being affectionate and caring to his sister Amrita and ill cows. He is presently the king of the herd.


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Adopted by Bhagirath Gopinath
Adopted by Hari-kirtana dasa and Elizabeth Elson
Adopted by Mike Mahler
Adopted by Hemanya Kolla

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