Name: Radhika
Age: 9 year old
Birthday: August 5, 2014
Breed: Holstein
Herd Status: Social butterfly


Radhika has a very joyful and friendly nature. She will always approach any first time visitor and greet them warmly. She loves to be petted and will follow you wherever you go. She is so full of life that it is a pleasure to see her every time we enter the pasture. One of the eight calves rescued from slaughter in 2014, she has close friends in the herd. Devakinanadana looks like her twin and they can be seen together much of the time.


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Social Reels

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Adopted by Aravind Gopalkrishnan
Adopted by Geetha Sivaraman
Adopted by Renee Brown
Adopted by Saveetha Gulati
Adopted by Radhika Gupta

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