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Today is the celebration of Govardhana Puja. It is a special day within the auspicious month of Kartik. On this day, while Krishna lived on this planet, during a torrential, threatening storm, Krishna lifted Govardhana Hill so the residents of Vrindavan could take shelter beneath it. All the residents, cows and humans, were protected under the Hill for seven days and seven nights. Lord Krishna treated the cows and humans equally with love and protected them both.

ISCOWP’S Giri Govardhana represents Govardhana Hill in India. At ISCOWP farm He sits on a replica of Govardhana Hill fashioned from cow dung patties made from ISCOWP’s cows. 

ISCOWP has great news to tell you on this auspicious day. Together, we have met the Matching Gift Challenge of $25,000 as of 10/30/18! ISCOWP’s fund requests for winter hay, nutritional buckets, and fly predators were fulfilled for this coming year. Since we met the gift challenge goal early (by the end of October), our anonymous donor has given another gift challenge of $25,000! As of 11/7/18, due to ISCOWP members’ response to the last e-newsletter we have only $14, 849.00 left to collect to meet the second $25,000 goal before the end of the year!

There is another challenge on the ISCOWP farm. Our tractor needs a new engine which will cost $20,000. The tractor is useful for many things most importantly moving the 800-pound bales of hay from the hay barn to the cows’ feeding rings and timely digging a deep hole to bury any cow that may leave their body. The hay bales are vertically stacked three bales high. This stacking allowed us to save money on hay barn construction and allow for more pasture space.

ISCOWP has had this tractor since 2014, and it has been a valuable tool for feeding hay to the cows. Look at the hay you helped purchase for the cows!

On this auspicious day, during this auspicious month help us fix the tractor so we can feed out the hay to the cows (we will need to do this any day now) and at the same time help us complete the second Matching Gift Challenge. You can donate here and also find out about our gifts to you. Any charity or service given to the cows on this day is dear to Lord Krishna. Anyone giving in charity to the cows on this day receives Lord Krishna’s mercy. Don’t forget ISCOWP is a 501(c3) organization and therefore your gift is tax-deductible EIN # 23-2604082. Thank you!



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