Great News


The funds needed for purchasing hay for the cows have been given by you and other ISCOWP donors and all the hay needed has been bought and is now in the ISCOWP barn! We are overjoyed, amazed and humbled by your support.

Please view the video of the hay being delivered by our neighbor Misty Morning Hounds. A gate has been installed at our neighboring fence line so the neighbor can deliver the hay right to the front door of the ISCOWP barn. This arrangement saves a lot of time.

More Great News

$19, 851.27 has been donated to the Matching Gift Challenge as of November 11!

$25,000.00 was the goal to be matched by December 31. Since we are about 95 per cent at the goal a month and a half before the deadline, our anonymous donor wants to increase the amount to be matched. The new goal is $50,000.00, an increase of $25,000.

We are still in the most auspicious month of Kartik.  The Puranas (Vedic histories) extol the month of Kartik as the topmost in the calendar. Lord Krishna’s mercy is very easily accessible in this month and one way to attain it is to offer charity.  And offering charity to  Lord Krishna’s cows is especially glorified.

There are 3 days left of Kartik and the last five days are considered the most potent.

So, please take advantage of this time and give whatever you can give for the cows. Remember your gift is doubled and your donation is tax deductible since we are a 501 (c) 3 organization, EIN # 23-2604082. Even if you are not a devotee of Lord Krishna, helping to protect cows will help to make the world a better place. You may donate here. Thank you so much!

Adopt A Cow

Your adoption of a cow is a good way to donate. You receive video/pictorial updates of your adopted cow seasonally, an adoption certificate, an 8″ by 11″ photo of your cow and a cow protection t-shirt. Your adoption payment or pledge will also be doubled by the Matching Gift Challenge for the cows. Here are some cows you could adopt. Thank you.


Sri can be adopted here.

Vegan Indira can be adopted here.




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