How the Cows are Doing


It has been a challenging year so far with unexpected health events for some of our cows and the opportunity to rescue two calves who are now known as Subhadra and Baladev Dauji. This e-newsletter will give you an update about the cows with health problems and how the babies are settling in.

The first two photos link to reels (short videos) about the progress of the babies, Subhadra and Baladev Dauji. The next two photos link to reel health updates of Padmaganda and Nara. Madhava, is still in the hospital. His photo links to a description of his condition and a photo album. There are also viewing links within the text to these reels and photos. Please read the descriptions in the linked sources as they will give a lot of information about the health and progress of these beloved cows.

Child bottle feeding calf
Bhima enjoys feeding Subhadra who enjoys drinking her milk. It’s MIlky Time!
Balabhadra (ISCOWP president Willaim E. Dove) made friends with Baladev Dauji. Two versions of this reel are on Facebook and Instagram.
Padmaganda the ox home after his hospital stay.
Padmaganda was super happy to be with his herd mates again. Watch him run to meet them.
Nara with Baladev Dauji when confined to stall due to limping.
Nara with Baladev Dauji when confined to a stall due to limping. Watch as Nara exercises with his young friends.
Madhava the ox getting his foot x-rayed.
Madhava has the bottom of his foot x-rayed. This is a two-part x-ray machine, the white part fits inside the part Madhava is standing on which he cracked. More photos.


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