Karthik Begins & Happy Cows


Today begins the month of Kartik. It is considered by devotees of Krishna to be the holiest month of the year. During this month, Krishna is worshiped in His form as a young boy, Damodara, who was a cowherd.  It is the month which is most dear to Lord Sri Krishna, and Krishna is very easily pleased by someone who renders even a little devotional service to him during this month. Since cows are very dear to Krishna, giving in charity to the cows is pleasing to Him. Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated, and we offer gift options for your donation. However, if you would like to receive a special gift from us in the form of an Arati and treats offered to Giriraja and the ISCOWP herd on the auspicious day of Govardhana Puja to invoke blessings for you, you can give a $1000 donation to ISCOWP.

The cows are always happy to receive Arati and treats. During this arati, the cows were resting under the shade of the Live Oak trees and then were called to change pasture to eat the fresh grass. Watch them run and jump in anticipation.

A $1000 gift can be given in the form of a one time gift or a one-year monthly donation subscription plan. Both are available on ISCOWP’s donation page. We have only $1,282 left to collect to meet the $25,000 Matching Gift Campaign! If we can meet this amount soon, our anonymous donor will take up another $25,000 challenge to be met by the end of the year!

ISCOWP  projects and needs you can donate to:

1) Adopt one of the cows from the ISCOWP herd. Adoption helps to cover each cow’s needs. Develop a personal relationship with a cow by receiving an 8″ by 10″ photo of your cow, an adoption certificate and four seasonal cow video/pictorial updates a year. Make a pledge during this auspicious Karthik month by signing up for an adoption subscription payment plan. Adopt A Cow here.

Indraneela has the least adopters of any of the ISCOWP cows.

2) Two hay rings. Each is $289. These are the only hay rings that are large enough for our herd and their horns will not get stuck. Donate now to hay rings.

3) Three sides of our farm are secure. The entryway opens onto one of the pastures and needs to be more secure. To achieve that we need to buy a security gate system. We have researched and estimated about $4000 for a heavy-duty metal gate, automatic gate opening system with solar, and installation. Donate now to secure entry gate.

4) Seminars, workshops, consultations, videos, and publishing literature are ISCOWP’s methods to educate others on the “how-to” and spiritual meaning and purpose of cow protection. This year ISCOWP traveled to ISKCON New Vraja Dhama, Hungary and the Appalachian hills of North Carolina to give a week-long seminar on ox training and a three-day consultation respectively. Your donation helps us cover expenses for these educational endeavors. Donate now to education.

On the donation form, there is an option to tell us for what purpose you would like your donation utilized. We so greatly appreciate whatever you can give.  With friends like you, we at ISCOWP have been able to carry on protecting cows for 29 years and look forward to continuing with this beloved service to the cows for years to come.  We are eternally grateful to you. Thank you.



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