Life Goes on with the Cows


We pray you are all well and surviving the current troubled times. All the cows are well and happy, and we hope this news brings you some joy. We are including a video we pray brings you some happiness as it shows the lives of cows full of affection and love, play, competition, simple joys, and boisterousness. Take a peek at the Secret Lives of Cows that most People Never See and meet the intriguing, often comical or noble cows and oxen who are part of the ISCOWP herd. Please experience some lightheartedness and reaffirmation of your participation in cow protection.

During the winter there is less grass to eat, and hay is the main meal. This winter has had intermittent times of warm weather and rain that has allowed grass to grow, and therefore the cows have been able to pasture to supplement their diet of hay. We are very thankful for the predominantly warm winter and, consequently, a happy ISCOWP herd. Of course, Spring is soon to arrive, and the cows are looking forward to fresh, delicious grass to dine on. At the moment, the rains have not come yet to bring those tasty grasses, and we are ordering more hay to be sure we have enough feed till the grasses grow.

Latest ISCOWP News

Balabhadra das (William E. Dove) back in the summer of 1990 during a radio interview after ISCOWP was kicked out of the Ventura County Fair in Ojai, California.

ISCOWP was incorporated this month back in 1990. This year is our 30th anniversary. We are so grateful to all of you who have helped us through the years, and we look forward to many more years of serving the cows with you. Due to the uniqueness of the current troubled times, we are quietly celebrating with prayers for the betterment of the human and animal world.  We would like to announce the final draft of the book of Balabhadra’s life journey, from his childhood as a unitarian in Hawaii to a Hare Krishna, from a cow eater to a plant-based diner, and his creation and development of ISCOWP and hence his dedication of his life to cows. Our heartfelt thanks to Namasankirtan das in Greece and Suresh Persaud Ph.D., an agricultural economist, located in the USA for making it possible to have the final draft by the end of the year if not sooner.

The Meat and Dairy Industries
There are various reasons many people have stopped or lessened their intake of milk from the dairy industry. One of the prominent reasons is the cruelty to Mother Cow, Father Bull, and their children inherent in the milk industry.

“Whole milk consumption has plummeted in the United States, falling 40 percent since 1975. Modern non-dairy alternatives are commanding an increasing share of the market with sales of alt-milk up 8 percent to $1.7 billion in the year through January 26, according to Nielsen. The scale of the dairy disruption is evident in the following infographic, which shows how U.S. whole milk consumption has nosedived. Back in 1975, milk consumption per person averaged 247 pounds according to the USDA, and by 2017, that had fallen considerably to 149 pounds.” Milk’s Massive American Decline by Niall McCarthy, May 13, 2019 

About the Cow
No two cows are precisely alike. Each cow has her/his unique personality. For instance, Draupadi is of the Gir breed, which is known to be friendly to humans. However, Draupadi is very shy and often hides or hangs back behind her cow friends when human guests come to visit.

Draupadi is wearing her speckled winter coat. As the weather becomes warmer, her coat will become white.


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