Life With the Cows

Subhadra is stuck in the gate.

William (Balabhadra das) called from the front door and said, “Subhadra is stuck in the gate; I need help!” So, I (Chayadevi) moved as quickly as I could to the hospital barn where Subhadra was stuck. William had already tried to coax Subhadra’s head through the gate with no success. So the only alternative was to cut the one bar above her head so she could get her head out. This reel shows how we did that, with comments from the viewers on additional ways to free her. This reel went viral on Facebook with 1 million views, 37.6K likes, 175 comments, and 127 shares.  Subhadra is such a drama queen!

Cow Chute Update

Although Subhadra was safely removed from the gate, there was a chance she could have been injured. Then the cow chute would have been very helpful.

We have found a local supplier, so the shipping and installation are free. Instead of $10,000.00, the cost now would be approximately $8,500.00. So far, we have collected approximately half of that. Thank you to everyone who donated to the purchase of the cow chute! If you would like to help collect the second half, please donate HERE. Thank you!

Ongoing Donation Options

When you now make your donation on the ISCOWP website, you will see the option to make your donation once or ongoing on a monthly basis. If you choose to donate monthly, it will be ongoing until you cancel through PayPal, your credit card, or by notifying us. This way, you won’t be receiving renewal reminder letters from ISCOWP. Adopting a cow is now automatically ongoing. Lifetime adoption remains the same.

Cow Shows SURPRISING Use of Hay Bale!

We are experiencing one of the coldest winters in Florida since we have been here.  The cows eat more when the weather is cold, as it helps them stay warm.

Padmaganda and his hay bale. Photo and reel by Balaji Dove.

The cows don’t stray very far from their hay and spend most of their time near their food source. In this reel, you can watch Padmaganda show you the many ways to use a hay bale. This reel is at  48K views and 1,046 likes on Instagram.

Did You Know?

“Cows’ tongues are a marvel of evolutionary engineering nearly unique among herbivores. Most grazers — animals who munch plants from the ground — have clipping incisors. Most browsers — animals who nibble on tree branches — have prehensile lips. Some have both. Cattle have neither.

How Lila eats her hay. Photo by Balaji Dove

Cattle have stiff upper lips and nearly toothless upper jaws. Instead of working to grasp food, the tissues in this area are fused into a bony expanse called the dental plate. Cattle use their gigantic, muscular tongues to grab food by wrapping around it and pulling it into their mouths. They grind it against their dental plates with their lower teeth and control the amount of saliva they add based on consistency, texture, and moisture.” Pets on Mom.com

Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

Our love to you in appreciation of your financial, emotional, and spiritual support through the years! Thank you! Hint, adopting a cow for a loved one makes a great Valentine’s gift!



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