Love Cows on Krishna’s Birthday

ISCOWP staff member Balaji with Nara, a rescued ox.

It’s Lord Krishna’s birthday (Janmasthami) today! Krishna loves cows. As a young boy, Krishna was a cowherd herding and frolicking with the cows. He set an example of how important it is to love and protect cows. You don’t have to be Lord Krishna to love cows. Anyone can love cows. One way to show love for the cows is to give in charity to the cows on this auspicious day. It is believed a gift of charity to the cows on this auspicious day reaps rewards and benefits for the giver. Double the value of your donation by giving today because the Matching Gift Challenge has recently started! You can see there are good reasons to donate today! Every donation is appreciated!  Please donate here.

For those who wish to and can afford to give $1000 on this auspicious day of Janmasthami, we at ISCOWP are poised to offer Aratik (a Vedic ceremony) to our deity Giriraj and the cows and to offer the cows a special treat TODAY to impart full blessings upon you. A video of the Aratik will be sent to you via email.

When a small dairy was struggling to stay open, ISCOWP rescued two bull calves from them. Nara (pictured above) and Narayana were about to be sold for their meat. They were living in dirty tiny hutches. After all, they were boys and would never produce milk and of little value to the dairy except for the price of their meat. Now they are protected from slaughter for the rest of their lives by ISCOWP. Today is also an auspicious opportunity to adopt one of ISCOWP’s rescued cows or oxen!

ISCOWP staff members Lakshmi and son Balaji with rescued Sri Vasanti.

If not rescued by ISCOWP, Sri Vasanti would have been sold for her meat after she could no longer reproduce and produce milk. When she first came to ISCOWP, she was timid and fearful. It has taken her a few years to become friends, and sometimes she is still shy.

Besides rescuing cows and calves, ISCOWP networks to place needy cows in lifetime protected homes. The ISCOWP sanctuary is at its maximum capacity with twenty-four cows and oxen. Until one of our beloved cows or oxen pass away naturally, we can not rescue anymore. The possibility of expanding the ISCOWP sanctuary by acquiring more land is in the works.

Thank you so much for your help in the past, now, and in the future. Because of friends like you, we have protected cows for 30 years. It is with your help only that we will be able to protect cows in the years to come. We gratefully thank you for your friendship and support. 

To learn more about Nara and Narayana, please take a look at this video. To learn more about Sri Vasanti’s arrival at ISCOWP, take a look at this video. And please donate today!



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