Madhuha Update


Hare Krishna!

We received a phone call from the vet at the animal hospital in Columbus just an hour after I sent you the email asking you to pray for Madhuha. He said that Madhuha was breathing very hard and he was afraid that he did not have much longer. We decided to leave immediately for Columbus. About a half an hour out of Columbus (Columbus is a 3 hour drive from the ISCOWP farm) we got a phone call from the vet. He said, “Our baby has passed on.”

We had so wanted to be with him before he passed but it was not to be. They had really tried to help him with more than one doctor in attendance including a heart specialist. At times it seemed he was getting better and then it seemed he was holding his own. Even a couple of days before he passed he was able to stand on his own. But the fact remained he wasn’t really making progress and that is when we had decided to take him home. Then Lord Krsna took him quickly.

Although we weren’t with him we know he was treated with kindness. Everyone there at the hospital was very sensitive and caring when we came for him and during his care. Maduha did not experience any beating, shoving or ridicule as he experienced at the auction barn. At the ISCOWP farm, not only was he treated with kindness and love, he was also listening to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada chanting the holy name of Lord Krsna 24/7 (In the barn where the babies stay we have a CD player on continuous play).

We will be burying him today at the ISCOWP farm.

Here is a little eulogy for Madhuha written by Sukhayanti who has been helping to take care of the calves on a daily basis.

“Madhuha was a very special calf. Of course, we always tend to say that about someone we love, but I can truly confess that he had a very sweet and conquering nature. When Madhuha arrived at our farm together with his brother Devikanandana I could notice that both of them had a similar and unique nature. While the other calves were very playful, curious and loving, Madhuha and Devaki showed another characteristic, a particular soft and gentle nature that was distinct from the rest of the calves. Calves are just like small babies; when you approach them they naturally try to lovingly lick your face or chew on your clothes. With Madhuha, however, it was different. I particularly liked sitting down on the hay next to Madhuha because of his calm nature. He would always allow me to gently stroke his face and neck, as he would lay his head in my lap. It seemed like he enjoyed that gentle touch and could peacefully relax as he is being pet. As the weeks went by, Madhuha also showed his playful side and often he could be found mock fighting and chasing his brother Devaki or some of the other calves. Therefore, although he had a calm and gentle nature, he also had the childlike, playful nature you would expect a calf to have.

For weeks we bottle-fed all of the calves twice a day, Madhuha was one of my favorite calves to feed. After having their milk, the calves would then try to suck on our fingers as we would lead them to their grain and hay. Madhuha would at that point chase me around the barn wherever I would go and would hide his head underneath my sari. He would then calmly and happily stay in that position until I could convince him to eat his grains instead. In that way he, like the rest of the calves, used to treat me like his mother and I will always dearly remember him as a son.
Madhuha was a sweet and affectionate calf and he will be greatly missed.”
If you could please pray for his spiritual well being on his journey to greener pastures.

If you would like to help with his vet bills click here.
Thank you so much for your kindness. Some pictures of Madhuha and video can be found below.

Your servant and friend,
Chayadevi (Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Please Pray for Madhuha

Click the picture and you will see a video of when Madhuha first came and two months later in the fall.
Click the picture and you will see a video of when Madhuha first came and two months later in the fall.
The one on the left.
Madhuha, on the left, licking his brother Devakinandana the first day they came to ISCOWP


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