Lakshmi (Lakshmi D. Dove)

Since approximately 1997, I have been helping my parents in both office and hands-on activities with the cows and land. I like doing both and they always need help. I am now ISCOWP’s chief operating officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). I enjoy making sure ISCOWP runs properly and efficiently and is able to complete its mission.  As CFO I can utilize my college degree to manage the financial activities of ISCOWP.

I have experience with food preparation and I have spent 15 years learning and practicing canning, drying, freezing and preparing meals all with produce from our garden. I have taught people how to do these things, but I have always dreamed of writing a cookbook of sustainable food preparation to encourage others to grow their own food.

Lakshmi has an Associates’s Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Her knowledge in this area has helped ISCOWP greatly.