Prepping for Winter


Hare Krishna,

Summer is soon to be over and the busy time of harvesting will soon come to an end. It has been a very good year for garden production and we have been kept busy harvesting and preserving as much produce as we can. Read the article Garden Bounty to find more details.

In response to the Help Us Get Ready for the Winter campaign the barn doors for the geriatric barn are now up! When we began to repair the gutters on the barn roof we realized we needed to do more then repair. Due to the size of the roof, the amount of water that comes down from it during a good rainfall is too much for the 4 inch pipe. Please refer to the article Barn Gutters Revisited to find out what needs to be done and how you can help.

Since the summer is ending the amount of guests arriving to visit the cows, our food preserving and the garden usually begins to slow and eventually come to a stop in winter. However, the arrival of guests has not slowed yet and as there were so many pictures of guests we saved some for the next issue of this e-newsletter.

(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Barn Doors are Up!

Cows looking through the barn doors
The geriatric barn before doors. There were two such openings on both sides of the geriatric barn.
New barn doors on the geriatric barn
There are now two sets of these doors in the geriatric barn on both sides of the barn.

Barn Gutters Revisited

Thank you everyone who donated to the Help Us Get Ready for the Winter campaign. We are short funds to complete all the projects especially after recently realizing the full extent of the barn gutter improvement. Winter is not here yet and we still have time to get ready for it!

The present gutter is too small to support the amount of water that comes off the large barn roof (75′ by 185′) due to rain and snow. We had previously thought that we just had to repair it but after consultation and closer observation the conclusion is that the present gutter pipe needs to be replaced mainly because it is not wide enough to catch the amount of water that comes off the roof. The goal is that the rain water and melting snow that previously flooded areas of the barn and was deteriorating some of the beams and roofing materials will be more efficiently directed away from the barn by replacing the present gutter with a larger one of commercial quality.

Gutters overflowing at ISCOWP
Old gutters last winter. When the snow melted the gutters could not hold all the water and it flooded the front part of the barn.

The Alcoa commercial 6 inch gutters will cost $887.37
The pressure treated wood support system for the gutters will cost $374.40
The labor will cost approximately $600.
Total: $1861.77

To find out how you can help us build the gutter system before winter and to find out about our gifts to you in reciprocation of your donation, please click HERE.

To read more about the Help Us Get Ready for Winter Campaign click HERE.

Together let’s make this the driest barn the cows have ever seen during the winter!

ISCOWP Outreach

Guests meet the herd
Mia, Chirag Dangarwala & wife,and RamaKrishna Akkaraju meeting Ganda.
Sri the Brahman oxen gets a massage
The Harrods and Sohan Jindal meet Sri and Priya while Lakshmi and Balaji watch.
Guest meet the ISCOWP herd
Napur Gosh and sister, Vijay Joshi, Rakesh Beri and Rob Meiklejohn meet Sri and the cows.
Children meet the rescued Brahman cows
Shyamalanji Devi Dasi’s children meet Priya and Amrita.

Garden Bounty

Picking marigolds at ISCOWP
Mia and Balabhadra picking marigolds.
Lakshmi picking Bitter Melon.
Lakshmi picking Bitter Melon. The only fertilizer used is cow manure.


Picking organic tomatoes at ISCOWP
Govinda Priya picking tomatoes. Everything grown in our garden is organic.
Cutting tomatoes for drying
Maitreya das and Balabhadra cutting tomatoes for drying.
ISCOWP's well stocked pantry of homegrown & canned goods.
400 quart jars of tomatoes were canned and 11 five gallon buckets of tomatoes and 6 five gallon buckets of Bitter Melon were dried. The dark buckets contain dried mint and Basil and the white buckets are dried apples. We are now just beginning to harvest the apples.

Adopt A Cow

Jahnava the cow looking for an adopter
Jahnava is looking for an adopter.
Madhava the protected Brown Swiss ox
Madhava is partially adopted and wants someone to adopt him.

Jahnava needs someone to adopt her and Madhava is not fully adopted. Please adopt them or any of the other cows. To read about our Adopt A Cow program click HERE.

Age: 3 year old cow
Breed: Brown Swiss father, Ayrshire mother
Herd Status: Junior Associate in Training
Nature: She is very friendly, inquisitive and has a sweet temperament. Very beautiful, she is the darling of the herd. Her friends are mostly boys, primarily Krsna and Balaram, and Kesava and Madhava. These boys are close to her age and they were all breaking out with Jahnava when spring time came and the fresh grasses were beckoning.

To Adopt Jahnava click HERE.

Age: 4 year old ox
Breed: Brown Swiss
Herd Status: Everyone’s Friend
Nature: Perky, inquisitive, Mister Charismatic. He is very self-contained, very friendly
and gets along with all the members of the herd. He has no false ego and is able
to mingle with all levels of the herd without fear of being put in his place. He is
extremely handsome and carries himself in a very aristocratic way. He and Kesava
are partially trained as a team and are continuing their training.

To adopt Madhava Click HERE.



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