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Appropriate Technology Sourcebook: A Guide to Practical Books for Village and Small Community Technology
by Ken Darrow and Mike Saxenian.
A Volunteers in Asia publication.
Volunteers in Asia, P.O. Box 4543, Stanford CA 94309 USA(fax 415-725-1805).
Also available from Intermediate Technology publishers,London. 1993, 800 pp.
ISBN 0-917704-17-7 (paperback) 0-917704-18-5 (hardbound).

This is the latest edition of the guide to practical books on village and small community technology. Over 50,000 copies of previous editions have been used in more than 130 countries, to find a wide range of published technical information that can be used by individuals and small groups. In the new edition, 1150 publications from international and U.S. sources are reviewed, covering small water supply systems, renewable energy devices such as water mills and improved cook stoves, agricultural tools and implements,intensive gardening, workshop tools and equipment, crop preservation,housing, health care, forestry, aquaculture, non-formal education, small business management, transportation, small industries and other topics.Extensive index. Price and ordering information are provided for each publication. 500 illustrations.

The *Sourcebook* can also be used as the index for the Appropriate Technology microfiche Library, which contains the complete text of 100 books. Complete sets of the microfiches library [“Library in a Shoe Box”]are also available from the publishers at low cost.

Cumberland General Store Catalogue
#1 Highway 68, Crossville TN 38555
USA. Phone 1-800-334-4640, fax 931-456-1211.
Goods in Endless Variety for Man and Beast.” Same types of supplies as Lehman’s.

Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd,
103-105 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4HH, UK
Amongst others, international titles on animal traction.

Lehman’s Non-Electric Catalogue
Lehman Hardware and Appliances, One
Lehman Circle, PO Box 41, Kidron OH 44636 USA. Phone 330-857-5757, Fax
House-wares, Grain Mills; Wagons; Wood stoves; Solar Power; Windmills; Lamps; Wash day
items; Hand farming tools; Pumps, etc.

NASCO Farm and Ranch Catalogue
901 Janesville Ave, PO Box 901, Fort
Atkinson WI 52538-0901. Phone 1-800-558-9595, fax 920-563-8296, e-mail
Wisconsin is the heart of American dairy country. All dairy and cattle supplies, including bloodless castrators or emasculators to convert bulls or bull calves to oxen with minimum discomfort to the animal.

Storey’s How-To-Books for Country Living
Schoolhouse Rd, Pownal, Vermont, 05261
800-441-5700 (8:30 AM – 10:00 pm 7 days a week)
Books that encourage personal independence in harmony with nature and the environment. Titles on building barns, sheds; animals,herbs, gardening, country living skills, Country Wisdom Series that includes titles on everything from earthworms to building an underground root cellar,

Tools for Agriculture: A buyer’s guide to appropriate equipment for small holder farmers
Ian Carruthers & Marc Rodrigues, I.; 4th Edition 1998, 248 Pages, Soft-cover
ISBN 1 85339 100 X (92 Edition)
The International Technology Development Group has created a unique tool:this directory of tools, implements and small scale machinery such as maize sheller, grain cleaners, and solar pumps. Experts in each field review the equipment, giving information about how & when to use it. All aspects of agriculture are covered from animal power to water lifting and transport. Suppliers & manufacturers from over 70 countries are listed. Invaluable to development workers and farmers worlds wide.

UNIPUB (United Nations International Publications)
Agricultural Catalog
4611-F Assembly Drive Lanham, MD 20706
(800) 274-4888 (U.S.) (800) 233-0504 (Canada)
(301) 459-7666 (Local) (301) 459-0056 (Fax)

UNIPUB is pleased to present this catalog featuring new agriculture titles from the many prestigious international publishers (like Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, FAO) we represent.In it you will find a comprehensive list of monographs, yearbooks, standing orders, and periodicals in both paper and electronic format. These important works address all aspects of agriculture, including food and nutrition,plant breeding, land and land use, forestry, area studies, animal breeding,animal traction, and health.