Companion Planting

Carrots Love Tomatoes: The Secrets of Companion Planting
By Louise Riotte, Pgs. 220
Grow a better garden when you know the secrets of companion planting. Learn which plants nourish the soil, which keep bugs and pests away, and which plants just don’t get along. You’ll find it all in this book: 100’s of companion planting tips Soil improvement techniques
Diagrams, charts, and ideas

Companion Plants, and How to Use Them
By Helen Philbrick and Richard Gregg
The Devin-Adair Company, Old Greenwich, Connecticut,06870
Library of Congress Catalogue Number: 65-19128
17 printing 1991, ISBN 0-8159-5210-4
The classic book on the ecology of gardening and farming.This invaluable handbook answers the questions about plant symbiosis and antagonisms that have puzzled observers for centuries., providing analphabetized list for instant checking of plants that may help or hinder the ones you are currently growing or planning to plant.
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