A Veterinary Book For Dairy Farmers
Roger Blowey
HB 496 PGS 240 PHOTOS (35 COLOR)
An indispensable book for every dairy farmer. Roger Blowey deals with the full range of cattle ailments, grouped broadly according to the age and development of the animal. Emphasizes preventive medicine.

Mastitis Control In Dairy Herd
Roger Blowey & Peter Edmondson
No dairy farmer can afford to ignore the cost of mastitis. This timely book deals with this problem in depth. It starts with a clear account of what mastitis is, and how it is related to the structure of the teat and udder. A chapter is devoted to teat infection as one of the most important preventive measures, and subsequent chapters then cover the environment and mastitis, somatic cell counts and TBC’s. The authors aim to offer good practical information, backed up with specially prepared photos.

Natural Cattle Care
By Pat Coleby
ISBN 0-911311-68-8
Available from Acres USA

Natural Cattle Care encompasses every facet of farm management, from the mineral components of the soils cattle graze over, to issues of fencing, shelter and feed regimens. How you farm determines the health of your livestock. Natural Cattle Care is a comprehensive analysis of farming techniques that keep the health of the animal in mind.

The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable
By Juliette de Bairacli Levy
Faber & Faber, London & Boston, Fourth edition
ISBN 0-571-16116-2, 471 pgs
With the growing interest in organic farming and increasing concern about the diet of farm animals, this completely updated edition of Juliette de Bairacli Levy’s pioneering book will be welcomed by all farmers and smallholders who would like to increase their knowledge of proven herbal treatments. “Every farmer should have this book for, used with commonsense in combination with modern veterinary and farming methods, it could help us to avoid some of the mistakes stemming form unlimited use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics, and the like.” – Farmers Weekly.

The handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy
by John Rush
ISBN 81-7021-228-6
Available from B. Jain Publishers, check also Homeopathic Medicine for Animals and Humans: Best Links in the Sourcebook section.Very easy to understand. Diagnoses disease and prescribes treatment.

The Treatment of Cattle by Homeopathy
By George Macleod
ISBN 0-85207-247-3
Available from Washington Homeopathy Prod.
33 Fairfax St. Berkely Springs, WV 25411, USA
Info: 304-258-2541, Orders: 800-336-1695
The aim of the homeopathy approach is to build up the health of the herd and increase the resistance of its individual members to disease. Homeopathy remedies are all derived from natural sources and George Macleod outlines the homeopathy approach to the commoner diseases of cattle.

Vet Clinic
A vet clinic has been added to Beth A. Valentine PhD, DVM, of Cornell University is the virtual vet, on line to answer your questions related to draft animal health issues.