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Click the photo or this link to view the video, “Rescued Calf Born with Water on Her Brain Lives 7 Awesome Years.”

Born with water on her brain, Meenakshi the cow recently passed away after seven awesome years of giving love and receiving love.  ISCOWP members rescued her from a sale barn where no one wanted her.  Calves with this affliction live at max two years. Yet, she beat the odds due to her courage and resilience. This video is a tribute to her life.

Water on the brain, Hydrocephalus, affects the brain’s connections with the rest of the body. Our local University Veterinarian Hospital considered it remarkable that she lived seven years and had a good life up until about a month before she passed away. We had to continually watch her weight and feed her separately at times, giving her special nutritional foods. She often acted oddly for a cow and related to humans more than her fellow herd mates. Running and kicking up her heels was a great pleasure of hers and beautiful to watch. We thank all those who adopted her for their love and support for her. We will miss her sweet loving personality very much.

Meenakshi enjoyed the woods in 2017.

Good News

Thanks to your generosity, we have matched the second Matching Gift Challenge! This year you have matched two Matching Gift Challenges for $25,000 each. We are eternally grateful to you for your support. For the last 31 years, ISCOWP has protected cows because of the generosity of its members. Donations entirely support ISCOWP; without you, ISCOWP could not go on. Together we are protecting cows now and in the future. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We feel positive that the projects we have been striving to complete this year will be completed in 2022. The Tiny House project will open a new vista for ISCOWP as it will bring additional in-house personnel to help care for the cows.  We are very near the completion of a book about the founding of ISCOWP and our understanding of cow protection which should also be completed this coming year. There are more projects to reveal in the coming year, all of which would be impossible without your help! Thank you! May you have a blessed holiday and New Year!

The herd is enjoying the winter hay.


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