Sad News

To view the video, click the photo or this link “RIP Keshava, Miss You Beloved Ox.”

Our beloved ox Keshava passed away Friday, July 2, 2021. He lived a life full of affection to and from humans and other cows and oxen. He was intelligent and learned voice commands which helped him safely maneuver through different situations in his life.  His golden years were spent enjoying the affection of his herd mates.

Keshava was most remembered for his reserved and genteel personality. He was brahminical in personality. His majestic and noble presence will be greatly missed. He stood six feet at the shoulders, and his horns swung upward, making him another foot or two. Weighing in at about 2,500 pounds, he was very impressive and noticeable wherever he grazed. People always would watch him in wonder as very few cows are allowed to grow so large.

Here is a little history of his passing which we posted on social media.

On Monday, June 28, 2021, we found Keshava lying down in the pasture and unable to get up. Madhavi, the cow, was guarding him and keeping him company. We were able to move him and get him sitting up with help from two of our neighbors. Thank you, Gemma and Scott; you were a great help. Gemma is a vet at UF, she checked him, and nothing was wrong with him; he is just old. Keshava is about 68 years old in human years. Tuesday, he got up twice and moved to under a tree, but hasn’t been up since. Balabhadra, Balaji, and Bhima have been giving him grain, hay, water, and lots of love. We are constantly checking on him. Since he is an older ox, this is a crucial time in his life. Prayers for him will be greatly appreciated. View more photos on Instagram or Facebook.

When Keshava first went down and could not get up, Madhavi, our oldest cow stood by him. Balaji sat with Keshava to keep him company.

Today, Friday, July 2, 2021, Kesahva passed away. We thank everyone for their prayers for his well-being and safe journey. He was listening to Srila Prabhupada chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra and remained stoic throughout. Prayers are appreciated for his continued safe journey. Please take a look at the video to celebrate Keshava’s life as a protected ox.

Keshava in 2008.
Keshava in April 2021.


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