She has a Story to Tell


She was born with water on her brain. An early death sentence. No name, just a numbered yellow label pasted on her forehead.  Her number was 4961. When she entered the auction barn arena there was only one bidder, ISCOWP staff member Lakshmi Dove. Number 4961 went home to ISCOWP Cow Sanctuary to live out her life far from the slaughterhouse. Her name is now Meenakshi.

With care, Meenakshi survived her defect. What would have been her fate? Because of her defect, she would have had it worse than most. We saw one weak calf who no one bid for shoved, prodded and pushed back into the dirty stalls. Previously, we visited the stalls and saw the calves stepped on by older cows in overcrowded conditions. If one calf was lying down in a stall, the chances of suffocation or injury were high.

Meenakshi straight from the auction barn to ISCOWP.

Due to your help, we were able to rescue eight calves that day in 2014.  And with your help, we continue to care for them along with 17 additional rescued cows. Without you,  ISCOWP would not exist because we are 100% dependent on your generosity.  You are also the reason we can spread the knowledge of how to protect cows and how to make a diet change, which helps stop the torturous treatment of cows in the dairy and meat industries. In response to our last newsletter, you helped us finish paying for the ISCOWP herd’s winter hay! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!

Until December 31, 2017, an anonymous ISCOWP member will MATCH your donation to the cows up to $25,000. As of November 20, there is $14,854.54 donated which leaves $10, 145.46 to be collected to complete the challenge. Don’t forget ISCOWP is a 501(c3) organization and therefore your gift is tax deductible, EIN # 23-2604082. At this time of giving please help us help the cows.  This is the only time of year your donation doubles in value for the cows! Please donate HERE or you can Adopt A Cow HERE.

All the cows at ISCOWP Cow Sanctuary have a story to tell. Please view the following video to see the story of Meenakshi and her friends then and now.

We are eternally indebted to you for your generosity. May you be blessed for your generosity to the cows.

Irene & Wiliam Dove
(Chayadevi and Balabhadra das)
ISCOWP Founders



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