Name a Calf on Special Day


Today is Akshaya Tritiya which those of the Hindu faith regard as one of the most auspicious days for new beginnings.  The word ‘Akshaya’ in Sanskrit means inexhaustible, that which is unlimited or everlasting. Therefore, this day celebrates eternal happiness, peace, and prosperity. If you want to have inexhaustible prosperity and devotion, perform an act of charity today. Anything a person undertakes on this day is bound to succeed. Subsequently, you can donate to the cause of cow protectionYou can Adopt A Cow!

Today is also Earth Day and our ISCOWP president’s birthday! So today, we are celebrating Balabhadra’s (William E. Dove) birthday. It was his desire and idea to create ISCOWP 33 years ago! Protecting the cows and protecting Mother Earth are interrelated. In fact, in the Hindu faith, the Earth is often depicted as Bhumi, mother cow. Both the Earth and the cow are givers of a gentle nature. Unfortunately, in this time and age, both are being treated poorly by humankind. To counteract this treatment, you can make a gift to the cows or Adopt A Cow.

Special Opportunity To Name a Newborn Calf

We have the opportunity to save a newborn baby Gyr calf. Whoever adopts her for life can name her. The second adopter for life will give her a second name. For instance, Baladev Dauji is an example of a cow having two lifetime adopters. You can also just donate to her rescue expenses.  Here is her photo the day she was born. Adopt her for life.  Thank you!

Little Baby Girl the day she was born.
Little Baby Girl


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