Surprise Gift and Happy Guests


Jenni’s parents took her on a mystery road trip. She didn’t know where she was going or for what purpose. She eventually realized she was at the International Society for Cow Protection. That was a surprise in itself, but there was more to come. Since Jenni is a cow lover, her parents thought it would be a great gift for Jenni if they adopted a cow for her. Jennie is getting married in November, and this was to be a wedding gift for her.

Most of the cows at ISCOWP are rescued from a situation where they were bound for the slaughterhouse. The Adopt A Cow program helps ISCOWP care for the cows who will live out their natural lives far from the slaughterhouse. This is called lifetime cow protection.

Jenni was happy when she found out she was adopting a cow. But now she had to pick one cow out of the herd of 24. First, Meenakshi met her at the fence and then Jenni met Indraneela. Sri Uddharan Datta Thakur was next. Sri is an ox who likes to lay down and receive massages. Madhava, one of ISCOWP’s oldest and largest oxen, attracted Jennie’s attention and she spent time petting him. The younger members of the herd were in the back pasture and to visit with them we took the ATV for a ride. We then met Sri Vasanti, Draupadi, Kalyan Tamal, and Dhruva.

In the end, Jenni was torn between Sri and Madhava. She chose Sri.

You too can adopt a cow at ISCOWP. If you do, you will receive an adoption certificate, adoption photo, a cow protection t-shirt and seasonal video/photo updates of your cow during the year. For more details please visit our website adoption page.

Happy Guests

Devakinandana greets Holly. To see more photos of this group of visitors click here.
Allissah and Balaji petting Sri Vasanti. To see more photos click here.
Manmohini and Raghava with Sri. To see more of this group of visitors click here.
Narayana greets Samapriya, Lakshmi and Manmohini. To see more of this group of visitors click here.
Henry Schoellkopf and Sri Vasanti share a moment. To see more of this group of visitors click here.
Tamal looking contemplatively at Kalyan Tamal who was partially named after him. To see more of this group of visitors click here.


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