Sad, Joyful and Progressive News

Kurma Rupa prabhu, a dear friend, passed from this material world a few days ago. Only about a week ago he was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer. He was the best of the best cowherds and well known for his organization Care for Cows based in Vrindavan, India. His life was dedicated to cow protection. You […]

ISCOWP Farm Moving

There has been a lot of internal self-examination in the last couple of months. We have hit the 25 year mark of ISCOWP’s existence and our 69th birthdays. We have been giving serious consideration as to how to go forward with our organization and ourselves. In our hearts the desire is to educate. One can […]

Joyfully Free From the Dairy

Hare Krsna! Kalindi Vijaya had a joyful arrival Sunday March 15. Thank you so much all ISCOWP members who helped to rescue Kalindi and bring her to ISCOWP. A video of her running and jumping in joy can be viewed in the below. To see how some of the other cows/calves got through the winter, see […]