2023 ISCOWP Herd Happenings


March of 2023 marked ISCOWP’s 33 years of cow protection! You, our friends and donors, have enabled us to carry on with this mission through sickness and health and prosperous and lean years. We are eternally grateful for your help. Together, we are protecting cows!

Rescued Two Baby Calves

Two beautiful calves, Surabhi and Vaishnavi, blessed ISCOWP with their presence this year. Rescued in May 2023, they now have some adopters helping us ensure they grow up healthy and happy!

Vaishnavi was rescued in May 2023.
Surabhi was rescued in May 2023.

You can adopt one and get quarterly video updates of them growing up. To adopt Vaishnavi and learn more about her, use this link. To adopt Surabhi and learn more about her, use this link. Thank you!

Fund Raising Success

You did it! You completed the two Matching Gift Challenges each for $25,000! Donations from you also completed the Feed the Cows Campaign for $18,750.00! And you purchased the cow chute to help us be proactive in our cow health care for $7,599.00. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Cow Chute Training

Since the cow chute is new to the ISCOWP herd, we train and practice with the cows to become accustomed to it. We built a fenced entryway with doors to facilitate entry to the chute and additional treatment for some ailments. The idea is to reduce expensive hospital visits by treating as many cows as possible at the ISCOWP sanctuary. Also, in some cases, treatment for an ailment can be sooner with the cow chute than waiting for a hospital appointment.

View the reel, One Calf Proficient in Cow Chute Training, click the photo or this link.

Some cows are more suspicious of the cow chute than others. So far, we have introduced Surabhi, Vaishnavi, and Jahnava to the cow chute. Surabhi now walks through the chute by herself! However, oxen Priyavrata and Nara are not yet interested in cow chute proficiency.

First Million + Views Video

Because we could not travel and preach about cow protection and diet change during the COVID lockdown, we put more energy into ISCOWP’s social media presence. We soon discovered we could reach more people online than we had by attending events. Last month’s ISCOWP News mentioned the video How to Free Stuck Ox From Hay Ring, which now has 1,486,722 views and 3000 more YouTube subscribers. In addition, many of the viewers are not familiar with cow protection, vegetarianism, or veganism. We are reaching outside the box of our usual audience, bringing the main concepts of ISCOWP to the mainstream viewers. We pray and ask for your blessings to further develop our social media presence in the years ahead.

The Passing of Three Beloved Cows

Three of our beloved cows passed away this year. One of them, Kalindi Vijaya, was a representative of resilient joy. Rescued from a dairy, she is now famous for running about and jumping in the air when she realizes she is free from the dairy. See her popular video here. Many of her update videos (every adopter receives quarterly update videos) show her giving affectionate licks to all members of the ISCOWP herd. Although she had all her children taken from her while living at the dairy, she still had love to give to her herd mates.

Kalindi Vijaya was rescued from a dairy in 2015.

Madhava was a noble and fatherly senior figure for the herd. He was also friendly and charming to guests. To see him towering over the rest of the herd with his majestic presence was always a joy to the soul. His brother Keshava passed away last year. His sister, Jahnava, stands beside him in the photo below. In addition to all his good qualities, he was intelligent and knew all his voice commands. You can view a short memorial video of Madhava here.

Madhava, the noble ox.

Padmaganda was the smallest of 8 calves rescued in 2014. As he grew, he developed sharp, pointed horns, which helped him assert himself with the other boys in the herd. Due to his small size, he developed an aggressive attitude. In his later years, he developed friendly, loving relationships with his herd mates and cowherds. You can view this reel to see how much the other cows loved him when he returned from the hospital after an extended stay.

Padmaganda and 8 other rescued calves were bottle-fed for several months.

Our hearts break when one of the ISCOWP herd passes away. Each one is a member of our family. Many ISCOWP adopters have been sponsoring their cows for many years and are also heartbroken. But what is cow protection about? There is scientific proof that cows are capable of emotion and intelligence. The cows and humans involved in cow protection experience giving love and receiving love. Like Kalindi, some of the cows that come to us have had great heartache. Yet they are capable of loving again.

First Flute Serenade for the Cows

Thanks to Rokesh Sarju and his friends, we learned how much the cows appreciate the sound of the flute. Watching the cows react to Rokesh’s flute playing was a pleasure. Not only was the flute playing soothing to the cows, but we also found it so. At present, no one residing at ISCOWP has musical abilities. Otherwise, we would be serenading the cows regularly! Listen and watch as Priyavrata enjoys his flute serenade.

 Rokesh Sarju (first on the left) serenaded the cows with his flute.


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