A Day of Mercy

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ISCOWP’s latest video “Rescued Calf 7 years Later.”

Radhika, another name for Radharani, was once number 5015 at the auction barn seven years ago. She and seven other calves were rescued by ISCOWP members in 2014. Now Radhika has grown into a big fat cow, licking humans and cows, and running to fresh pasture. She also likes to give us a toothy smile. Lucky for her there were ISCOWP members to finance her rescue and take care of her for the past 7 years.

A Day of Mercy?

Today is the birthday of Radharani, the beloved of Krishna. She is known for her merciful, kind nature. If you please Radharani, you please Krishna because Krishna dearly loves Radharani and is happy when she is happy. Whoever makes Radharani happy is noticed and loved by Krishna! Cows are dear to Krishna and Radharani. Since today is Radharani’s birthday, you can please her by giving a gift of mercy to the cows. Make the cows happy, Radharani happy, Krishna happy and yourself happy by receiving Radharani’s mercy and thus Krishna’s love.

Feed the Cows Campaign and Matching Gift Challenge

Good News! Congratulations! The necessary funds, $12, 500 was collected to feed the cows since the Matching Gift Challenge and the Feed the Cows Campaign was announced on August 30. The Matching Gift Challenge is for $25,000. So we are halfway through matching that amount. We at ISCOWP are astounded and very grateful for your support. Because of friends like you we have been able to care for cows for 31 years!

Besides feeding the cows hay, we supply nutritional buckets for the cows and we purchase fly predators to lesson the fly population around the cows. The nutritional buckets cost $2, 211 yearly. We need 12 buckets for one year at a cost of $184.25 a bucket.  The fly predators cost $1, 211.76. yearly. One month of fly predators costs $110.16.

$184.25 for 1 nutritional bucket

$110.16 for 1 month of fly predators.

Thank you so much for helping the cows on this day of mercy. Any amount you can give will help the cows and help meet the Matching Gift Challenge. However, anyone who can give $1000 will receive an arati offered to our Giriraj and the cows to invoke blessings for them. Treats will also be given to the cows and a video of the occasion will be sent via email to the donor. Thank you!

Watch the cows enjoy the nutritional bucket by viewing this video on Instagram.


Radhika’s mercy upon Balaji.


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