A Day of Mercy

The cow Radhika gives love licks to human, cow, and ox friends. 

Today is Radharani’s birthday, a day of mercy. She is the beloved of Lord Krishna and embodies God’s mercy, love, and compassion. People often refer to the ‘grace’ of God or the ‘mercy’ of God. Radharani is that very ‘Grace’ and ‘Mercy’ of God. Radhika is another name for Radharani. Radhika, the cow (star of the video above), gives her love freely to humans, cows, and oxen with sloppy kisses and licks. She shows us what mercy looks like from a cow’s point of view.  In the Vedic tradition, it is believed if you give in charity on this day, especially to the cows,  you will receive Radharani’s mercy, hence God’s mercy. In these troubling times, don’t we all need God’s mercy to see us through the turmoil?  In fact, the world needs more mercy and kindness, and more happy, merciful cows like Radhika. So, please give some mercy to the cows and receive mercy by giving in charity to the cows today.

Your donation is doubled in monetary value because the Matching Gift Challenge is now in full swing! At the writing of this newsletter, we have received over half the $25,000 challenge. So far, ISCOWP’s members and friends gave approximately $13, 965.60! We are most grateful to all of you! Thank you so much! How merciful God is to us to give us friends like you! For the past 30 years, you have made it possible for ISCOWP to protect cows, spread the “how-to” and the importance of cow protection, and encourage everyone to go with a plant-based diet to save more cows. Your donation of any amount is appreciated and doubled in monetary value!  Please donate here.

Staff member Lakshmi Dove is receiving kisses from Radhika.

One may ask, “How does Radhika the cow have so much love and mercy to spread around?” She and seven other calves were rescued from the auction barn in 2012 by ISCOWP members. The ISCOWP staff went to the auction barn to save three calves. They came home with eight calves. The conditions of the auction barn and the cows overwhelmed them, and they had to save more. For Radhika and the seven calves, the auction barn was a terrible place, crowded and frightening. Men with electric rods were prodding them into the auction ring to be sold for the current price of meat. Radhika knows what fear is. Now safe from the auction barn, Radhika lives without fear.  She now has enough joy, love, and mercy to give to others!  To see when Radhika came home from the auction barn, click here.

Today is also a good day to adopt a cow like Radhika.  To adopt one of ISCOWP’s rescued cows or oxen, click here. Thank you, and Happy Radhastami (Radharani’s Birthday)!



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