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Hare Krishna!

Due to the generosity of ISCOWP members, as of 11/28/14, $13,268.50 has been gifted to ISCOWP to meet the $20,000 Matching Gift Challenge which ends December 31, 2014. That leaves $6,731.50 left to successfully meet the challenge. Jump on the ox cart with the other ISCOWP members and gift whatever amount you can to help ISCOWP meet the $20,000 goal.
Give a donation now and it gets doubled dollar for dollar through December 31!

What will ISCOWP use your dollars for? Rescuing and protecting cows, Training oxen to show their value, educating people about the value of cow protection, how diet change can save cows  and how to establish cow protection sanctuaries are ISCOWP’s goals. These activities and more can be read about in the latest ISCOWP News, “The Year in Review.” This newsletter describes ISCOWP activities for this year up until December. Find it in PDF file on our website or get a preview of it in this e-newsletter.

When you adopt a cow that adoption gift gets doubled too! There is one beautiful ox who has no adopter and some who only have one. Asha, a disabled cow is only partially adopted. So, either take a look in this e-newsletter, go directly to our website and start adopting or find out more about our adoption program.

Thank you so much!

Your servant and friend,
Chayadevi (Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director


This video is one of 12 videos about Madhava and shows his ox skills.

Adopt Madhava

Age: 9 year old ox
Breed: Brown Swiss
Herd Status: Everyone’s Friend
Nature: Inquisitive, Mister Charismatic. He is very self-contained, very friendly and gets along with all the members of the herd. He has no false ego and is able to mingle with all levels of the herd without fear of being put in his place. He is extremely handsome and carries himself in a very aristocratic way. He and Kesava are partially trained and are continuing their training.


In this video Balabhadra explains Asha’s disability and sweet nature.

Adopt Asha

Age: 11 year old cow
Breed: Black Angus
Herd Status: Everyone’s Friend
Nature: Determined Survivor. She must have some Hawaiian blood because when she walks she does the hula. Actually, she was born with a walking impediment in her hindquarters so when she walks her hindquarters swing “to and fro.” As she becomes older, her disability limits her more. She came from the farm of Hoy and Lillie Robinson who have been breeding Black Angus for over 40 years without a birth defect. Hoy couldn’t bear to send her to the slaughterhouse and found us by our web site and asked if we would take her. She is loving and sweet and she will never be served as meat.

To adopt another cow or find out how you can adopt a cow for life, take a look here.

The Latest ISCOWP News “The Year in Review”

Just click here to read the newsletter in PDF online.


Some Articles Included:
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Eight Baby Calves Rescued
Old Friends Pass Away
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Give a donation now and it gets doubled dollar for dollar through December 31!



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