Animal Powered Systems
Peter Lowe, Deutshes Zentrum fur Entwicklungstechnologien- GATE(German Appropriate Technology Exchange, Deutsche Gesellschaft furTechnische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH, Post Box 5180, D-6236 Eschborn 1,Federal Republic of Germany, Tel: (061 96) 79-0,
First Edition, ISBN 3-528-02023-7
With the aid of more than 60 illustrations the brochure shows possible uses for the power gear technique. The author has referred to historical sources of information from Europe and North America, as well as his own more recent research work in regions where the power gear technique is increasingly being used at present, as for instance in Egypt. Over and above the circle of experts on draught animal usage, this brochure is addressed to persons who would like more insight into the condition under which traditional and historical techniques can provide answers for current technological needs.

OX POWER – KI JAYA! An Ox-Power Handbook by Paramananda das (first ISKCON Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture)

Ox Training Lessons by William E. Dove (Balabhadra das), ISCOWP President and second ISKCON Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture

Gita Nagari’s Ox Power Unit

4-H Working Steer Manual
Dwight E. Barney, Extension Publication No 33,Cooperative Extension Service, University of New Hampshire

Animal Traction
Peter Watson, Fourth Edition, 1983 by ArtisanPublications, 139 Division Ave., Summit, N.J. 07901
This manual is a guide for people who are learning how to harness animal energy and use it to power farm equipment. It is written for Peace Corps Volunteers and agricultural extension personnel who are helping farmers introduce or upgrade animal-powered farm systems. It is equally intended for those who are teaching themselves to farm with draft animals,or drive teams. Many illustrations.

Oxen – a Teamsters Guide
Author: Drew Conroy
Details: 360 pages, 5.5×8.5 paperback
ISBN: 1-893707-08-3
Rural Heritage, Gainesboro, Tennessee, 38562, USA,

1. Selecting the Ideal Team
2. Housing Your Oxen
3. Feeding Your Oxen
4. Principles of Training
5. Training Steers
6. Advanced Training
7. Training Mature Cattle
8. Yoke Styles
9. Making a Neck Yoke and Bows
10. Hitching Options
11. Oxen in Agriculture
12. Logging with Oxen
13. Working Oxen in Public
14. Competing with Oxen
15. Keeping Oxen Healthy
16. Hoof Care
17. The Problem Team
18. Oxen in History
19. International Development

Horse Drawn Tillage Tools
ISBN 1-885210-12-4 Soft Cover
ISBN 1-885210-13-2 Hard Cover
This book is primarily a compilation of materials from the exhaustive archival library of Small Farmer’s Journal, from SFJ friends and from a handful of present-day manufacturers of new implements. Extensively illustrated.

Haying With Horses

By Lynn R. Miller
Available from Small Farmer’s Journal
A comprehensive manual focusing on horse drawn lose hay systems covering all the equipment variable including mowers, rakes, stackers, wagons, loaders, fore carts, and balers. Extensive technical information on mower tune up. Exhaustive illustrations of different horse drawn hay tools. Procedural diagrams. Includes mower tune up. Exhaustive illustrations of different horse drawn hay tools. Procedural diagrams. Includes information on loose hay feeding techniques. Most horse drawn hay equipment can be used by oxen.

Horse drawn Plows & Plowing
By Lynn R. Miller
Small Farmer’s Journal Inc., First Edition, Feb. 2000
ISBN 1-885210-08-6 Soft cover
ISBN 1-885210-09-4 Hard cover
300+ pages with hundreds of drawings and photos covering how to plow with horses using older equipment and new implements. Here you will find simple diagrams explaining tricky adjustments for both riding and walking plows. Detailed engineers drawings of John Deer, Oliver, McCormickDeering, Parlin Orendorff, Avery, and many other older manufacturers will be immensely helpful to folks restoring equipment. Also includes close up photos and information on new makes of animal-drawn plows including Pioneer and White Horse. Most horse drawn equipment can be used by oxen.

An Introduction to Working Animals
by J. Lindsay Falvey PhD, MPW Australia, 302-304 LittleLonsdale St, Melbourne 3000, Australia,
First Edition, ISBN 1-86252-992-2
Dr. Falvey and his associates have brought together in are addable and concrete form what is now known about the origins, use and management of the world’s working animals. The result will be extremely useful to students, teachers and extension workers in many parts of the world. It also serves to highlight the enormous gaps in our knowledge of such an important subject and, hopefully, will stimulate research and extension workers to pay more attention to what is, without doubt, the most ignored aspect of world animal production.

In Praise of Oxen
By Terry James
Nimbus Publishing Limited
P.O. Box 9301 Station A
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5N5
ISBN 1-55109-024-4
Inspirational photographs and description of Oxen.